Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Everyday Moments..

 Our new map on the kitchen wall - a perfect spot for dreaming and planning..
A little afternoon stitching..
Happy strawberries - still blossoming in the summer sun..
Our dream handmade home - Going from dreams, to early sketches, lists and plans.. 
Homegrown, homemade - my favourite..
Deliciously quiet nap time moments..

Much Love

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Capturing the Weekend - 4/52..

"A portrait capturing our weekend, each week, in 2015."

Sunday: 5:00pm - Summer afternoon swims in the river. A perfect kind of weekend. 

Much Love & Light

Thursday, 22 January 2015

From my Journal..

A new series of raw musings, straight from the pages of my journal. Thoughts, about life, change, dreams, the future and finding home.

Written on the First Full Moon of the 2015..

"So here we are settling into to 2015. Trying to keep the pace gentle, the approach simple, and the 'to dos' a joy rather than a burden.  And as the full moon lingers in the in the sky tonight, I make sure to come home, both within my soul and my journal.  To feed the yearning desire of my heart to nestle in and truly connect to the radiant source energy that abounds. This journey, my soul journey is now really just beginning, and with a lighter load, an awakened understanding I am now able to really connect, to the land, to the sky, to who I am. I said once I wanted each day of my life to feel like Confest, I wanted to create a new version of my life, free from the heavy energy of the current paradigm. And I finally feel like I'm getting a little closer to making this happen, with less stuff, a deeper connection and a sense of lightness, a release of the baggage I was carrying for so long. Lightness in my being, light to guide my path.  And while I still feel a longing to reconnect with a tribe I am yet to meet, and to find our real home, a property of our very own, I know I am doing what I can with what I have and right now, that's what counts. So I feel like I've done the easy part, the physical letting go, now it's about going deeper and begin to finally make peace. Finding the teacher and the healer within, trusting my intuition, not being afraid of what may appear in in my tarot readings, but to learn from them.  Not worrying if I am enough, or is we have enough, but learning how to make do and feel content with who I am.  And to really let go, and not worry about what others think, but start somewhere and keep just moving forward. 

'Live simply, give more, expect less', it's a good one isn't it. Expectation is something that's so difficult to overcome, so ingrained over the years. And this year it's about embracing each day without expectation, loving freely, without judgement and rising above the heaviness and the dense energy of this current reality. And it's a choice. Something I can so when I wake up each morning.  I can make a difference, in my thoughts and actions, words and energy. And now I feel like I have to do this, more than ever before. For our future, our dream, I have to let go of the past and take hold of the present.  We know what we want, we know the right place will find us, so now it's about taking steps to make it happen."

Much Love & Light

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Everyday Moments - From the Summer Garden & Kitchen..

Rosemary & a thrifted apron - two of my favourite things..
Everywhere I turn there is another pot or basket of tomatoes - It's time to start preserving..
Homemade rough cut pasta - The first batch of many..
Anzac slice - Such a lovely morning tea treat..
Writing down recipes - from lovely ladies, Rhonda & Emma..
Evening gathering - Ready for zucchini slice..

Much Love & Light