Monday, 28 March 2016

Eight Years of Gratitude..

Eight years ago today I wrote my start ever blog post. And eight years ago, I’m not even sure blogging was even a verb. I look back now on those eight years and the path my life has taken and I’m so grateful that I’ve documented those moments, that I can look back on my creative and personal journey and see how far I’ve come.  And as I scrolled back through my early posts this afternoon  to check to see if today was indeed my blog anniversary, I couldn’t help but smile at my tiny, raw photos, early selfies, lop sided crafting efforts and the carefree, unedited simplicity of my blog posts.   

Over the past eight years blogging has grown, changed and moved in such a variety of directions and I’ve lamented here that it’s just not like it used to be. I do still long for those ‘golden days’ of blogging, when friendships were formed, comments were exchanged, swaps were held, ‘blog anniversaries’ were celebrated and link ups created communities.  These days of course, like all social media were always going to be fleeting and for a while I hoped they might return.  Now of course, many bloggers have moved on, comments are exchanged on Instagram and communities are created with hashtags. It is the ever changing nature of the game we play.      

So where does this leave the humble blog.. Two beautiful, inspiring souls have both recently been writing about this very question.  Susannah Conway and Pia Jane Bijkerk have both been blogging for over nine years and as I read both of their recent posts on blogging, I’ve found myself nodding quietly along, feeling all the same emotions, looking for solutions, for new ways of sharing. I’ve come to realise that blogging will never be the same, but it doesn’t have to be.  I think blogging is finding its way to a more personal, stripped back version of its previous incarnation, well it is for me anyway. I feel there is a comfort in both writing and reading blogs, one that I personally haven’t found in any other online format. Perhaps a little like writing and receiving a personal letter.  There is a true reward in pure creative expression, as Susannah noted in her recent post.  So while for some, blogging may no longer be fastest way to gain ‘followers’, make money or sell products, for those of us who just really love to write, to share, to send musings out into the world, ‘stripped-back story telling’ as Pia so beautifully called it, is right at home in the blogging format.

This year I’ve been working on creating a new virtual home, deciding what I’d like to do there, what I want it to be like.  And whenever I think about it, what I really want to do is share stories, musings and ramblings, the way I do in my own journal.  I want to share the way I used to and  in a new, raw and more authentic way too. Because first and foremost I’m a writer and at the moment I’m not writing, for myself, half as much as I want to be.  So, inspired by Kirsten Rickert and Pia I want to write a whole lot more. I want to share stories from our weekends, my thoughts on the universe, my hopes, dreams and my creative journey, in a raw, real and present way.

So this is what I am going to do.

This little space has nurtured my creative soul for eight years.  In those archives are some of the most profound and life changing moments of my almost 32 years.  I will never be able to replace the love and support shared in those comments, the friendships that I’ve made through gentle, touching words and I’m forever grateful to this space, for cradling my heart when I needed it most.
And now I look to the future, I know that today is the perfect day to tie a silk bow around this space, send it all my love and let it go, so I am able to focus on the next part of my creative journey. I’ll be taking some of my archives with me to my new virtual space and some I will be leaving here, nestled in this special space that will forever hold so many precious memories.  

Thank you so much for stopping by, for sharing with me.  I hope you’ll join me in my new online home when it’s ready.

Much Love & Light

Friday, 18 March 2016

Farewell Summer..

On the eve of the Autumn Equinox, I’ve decided it’s time to farewell Summer.  And while Mother Earth is still sharing the last of her warm days, there has been a change in the air, a softness to the morning breeze that has stirred within me a gentle change of pace.

 This season has been one of learning, exploring and unravelling. We’ve found new rhythms in our days, enjoyed bountiful harvests and learnt how precious our weekends together really are.  We’ve ventured to hidden river banks and through the outback, played music together, begun our Steiner adventures, grown, gathered and foraged.

Many days were spent finding solace from the heat and sunsets embraced while drifting down the river and watering the veggie patch.

Summer you’ve taught me patience and resilience. I’ve been reminded to dive deep, to go within, to reconnect and to be so grateful for this journey, even on those days when it all feels overwhelming.

Own winter veggies are planted, I’ve sewn up the holes in my cardigan and washed our coats. We’re ready now, to collect maple leaves, bake pumpkin scones and enjoy the crisp Autumn days.  

Farewell Summer.. See you sometime in November.       
Much Love & Light

Monday, 14 March 2016

Capturing the Moments - 11/52..

"A portrait capturing a moment from our week, each week for 2016."

Monday 14th March - 9:30am: The perfect way to start the week, river wandering..

Much Love & Light 

Friday, 11 March 2016

That Fleeting Moment..

That fleeting moment..
When the house is quiet, the tea is still hot, the dining table is tidy and the whole world seems still. 
It's that fleeting moment that my soul craves.  
Each day I try to carve out a fleeting moment like this one. Often the table isn't tidy, the dishes aren't always done, sometimes the dog barks or nap time ends early, but everyday I make that time a priority.  

In that fleeting moment I come back to my breath. I remind myself to do everything at a more gentle pace.  Some days I write or read, some days I make, some days I stare at the map and plan adventures to the Kimberleys. Most days I do yoga, even if it's just for fifteen minutes.  And lately, I've even been having a little dance party by myself in the kitchen.  Never underestimate what a good wild dance to an amazing song can do for you. Most days I also wander the garden with bare feet, grounding myself, watering, weeding and finding nice things to add to dinner. It might only be an hour, but it's an hour that's all mine. 

And it's that fleeting moment is what allows me to be a better person.  It makes the washing pile feel less daunting, the tantrums less dramatic and the days more fulfilling. Life is so much more beautiful and peaceful when you embrace and nurture that precious time and nourish yourself in that fleeting moment. 

Much Love & Light