Friday, 28 March 2008

Autumn Afternoons..

Well this is my second first post in this blog, I created it some time ago but somehow like any journal I could not quite find the time nor the purpose for it. Now after moving state I realised it will be a wonderful way to keep everyone in touch with my crazy happenings and also I just want to share all the beautiful things I am inspired by. I suppose the first inspiration I must confess and the ultimate reason behind the recreation of this blog was stumbling across 'Absolutely Beautiful Things' a stunning blog by Brisbane interior and shop owner Anna Spiro. I just fell in love with her beautiful work and inspiration and must go to her shop when I'm up in Brisbane in June. Until then I will just sigh and enjoy her blog and only hope that one day mine can look as beautiful as hers. Be sure to check out the Beautiful Blogs I have mentioned, they are just fabulous and always put a smile on my face. Secretly I think its like shopping without having to spend any money.

So I hope to post at least twice a week, hopefully more although being a English teacher I find myself up to my ears in essays a great deal of the time but I hope next term (after the next week of lovely holidays) I can be a bit more organised and totally committed to finding lovely things for you to look at.

Whilst I resize pictures and sort out the odds and ends of this blog I will leave you with some photos I took yesterday at a lovely French inspired homewares shop and nursery 'Pleasentrees'. The gardens were just beautiful and I just had to take some photos. I just adore little gardens with wild roses and lavender, it looked like fairies could live there.

Much Love

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