Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Baby it's cold outside!

Actually it's freezing! As I walked to work this morning it was 3 degrees. It reminded me of a December day in Paris walking to the Louvre. The problem is its not even winter yet! Our little rose garden is feeling it too. Ben pointed out that the roses had frosted over this morning! See I'm not the only one that's cold!

Having grown up in Cairns where anything under 15 degrees was cold, I have no idea what is going on! Everyone is talking about fire wood, electric blankets and especially hot water bottles.

Thought I better check out the whole hot water bottle thing! I have owl obsessed eyes on this one!

How cute! I found it at Print and Pattern a very cute site for all sorts of goodies.

Maybe it will help me stay warm! If only I could take one into work with me! That would make the students laugh!

Wish me luck staying warm tonight x

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Pots of Tea..

Whilst braving the cold in my little sewing room I created a much asked for project satchel. Its similar to the project pouches in our shop but with a little twist. My bestie Courtney (who can be found at her adorable new blog Her Little Corner) She wanted a place to put her knitting and all her tools so that her little boy couldn't attack them. I have been wanting to use this crazy fabric for a long time and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to create something practical and quirky!

So here it is.. The 'Pots of Tea' Project Satchel

Chocolate Brown with lots of crazy teapots and rainbow lining (and a way cute little teapot button)

Courtney asked for a pocket to hold her little moleskine, a tape measure and scissors, so here it is polka dot ribbon and all.

It holds plenty of wool, this is my current project which is getting close to being finished!

I just love it, especially the quirky fabric, still working on getting the pattern perfect but as soon as I do I want to make heaps more. It would be the perfect bag for almost anything!

I hope you like it Courtney! Its coming your way on Tuesday!

Now I'm off to get ready for the finale of 'So you think you can dance!' Very excited! Got to rug up by the fire!

ttfn x

The Long Weekend..

You have got to love a long weekend, just when you think its over there is a whole lovely day to be had. Well I have lots to show and tell this week so I will jump straight in..

First of all may I just say how cold it has been here today, according to the thermometer outside it reached a top of 11 degrees! It has rained for most of the day, yes it actually rained! As much as I dislike being cold I can't help but enjoy the smell of the rain and and wood burning on open fires. I just love looking at all the little chimneys on the horizon.

These are a couple of my favourite things I can see from my backyard at the moment.

We are not quite sure what kind of fruit this is but we have a tree in the backyard full of it.

My favourite little chimney on the next door neighbours shed.

It has been a perfect weekend for reading, writing and sewing and drinking tea... It is amazing just how inspiring a little rain can be.

First the tea then a trip to the library.

After spending much of my time these days reading and analysing books I realised the need to stop reading B grade girly novels and begin a path of reading and attempting to understand great literature of the world. I began with Pride and Prejudice and now I have gone back for a little more Austen and a whole lot of Tolstoy.

A friend from work recommended Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy so I grabbed it from the local library along with Northanger Abbey and The Harp Lesson. I have made a resolution to watch less TV and read much more, which I may need to do in order to get thought these!

Besides loaning half the library I have been enjoying some fantastic art from some amazing blogs which I have to show you!

My first favourite little blog is Cozy Little Whimsy Nook beautiful art, ladies and owls by Marjorie otherwise known Marmee Craft. Her images are just delightful and she has just been published in my favourite magazine 'Frankie'. Here are a few of my favourite pieces.

'The Green Swell'
She reminds me of Elizabeth Bennet

'The Darling Nest'
What a lovely accessory!

My next lovely blog is an amazing Melbourne artist Catherine Campbell who hides out at My Folk Lover. Her delightful ladies have graced the pages of many a magazine and is currently in this month's Frankie magazine showing off her lovely little house and giant bunny rabbit! I just adore her latest series of work Over the Sea.

They remind me of how much I miss the ocean.

Well I am off to upload my photographs of the very sweet project satchel I made for by best friend today. I will post them very soon.

For now I must leave you with some exciting news. My brother in law is going to be on The New Inventors TV show on the ABC on Wednesday the 30th of April. He has invented a crazy new guitar pick and my adorable little niece even got to be a part of the show!

Here he is on the website..

Congratulations Paul!

Hope every has had a lovely weekend! xx

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Buying up for winter..

After a week of six degree mornings I just had to go shopping this weekend for a few winter essentials. I just have to say, I know it might not be the most expensive or the best, but I had so much fun at Target. I got a pair of jeans, two lovely knitted tops, a cute little woolen dress and a pair of boots!

I'm really fussy with boots so I'm totally happy I found this pair
with a cute little heel and round toe.

Today I felt the urge to go to Spotlight and good thing I did because they had a great sale on and I got some really nice fabric that was buy a metre get one free!

I love both of these my favourite colours for winter mustard and eggplant. Hope to make some cute bags with these.

Inside fabrics also on sale!

My favourite of them all! I couldn't resist the sweet little mushrooms and the adorable cupcakes which I'm going to make into a little dress for Courtney (she is having a girl!)

Have had a lovely weekend, looking forward to a short week at work this week and a long weekend! Going to spend Friday sewing and filling the shop with lovely things. Very close to finishing the baby blanket I'm knitting for my sister in law, she was due yesterday so I have to knit like crazy the next couple of days while we wait to hear the good news.

Here is a random photo I took last night before I went out to dinner with some friends from work. I like the crazy chandelier in the background.

Happy weekend! Enjoy 'So you think you can dance' tonight! x

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Cupcake delights..

I just had to show you these beautiful little works of art. If you have a spare moment just look through the gallery of Whiskie Bits Bakeshop. How delightful, all you need is a cucumber sandwich, a glass of expensive champagne, a steaming pot of T2 Girly Grey, some lace gloves and a mother, sister or best friend and you have yourself a beautiful high tea party..

Here are a couple of my favourites..

Masala Chai Tea

Masala chai tea cake with chai-spiced cream cheese frosting

Strawberrry Rose

Vanilla cake, strawberries, white chocolate, pistachio
with strawberry and rose water cream cheese frosting

All I have to say is YUM!

Crafting Totes..

Well I made it through the first week of school, it was quite fun to be back but I can't seem to help bringing my work home with me. So whilst procrastinating from marking essays this afternoon I decided the would make a custom tote bag ordered by Phoebe Alexa Joy Photography who also happens to be my sister.

She chose the fabric herself and it has come up so beautifully I think I should let her choose my fabric more often. I loved the combination so much I made the tote reversible. Will go looking for more fabric this week to stock up the shop.

Work in progress

Outside pattern (I just love colours)

Inside pattern

I'm a bit excited by the results and just wish I had more hours in the day to sew and create forever. I have been researching bag making techniques and look forward to tackling an overnight bag and clutch purses in the future.

Well I have to go finish my marking so I can get ready for a big night of 'so you think you can dance'!

Happy Weekend x

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Saturday Shopping..

Just had to show you my purchases for my shopping expeditions this morning..

First, I have been longing to grow lavender in my garden for years and the last time I attempted it the poor things died within a few days! But I am very persistent and it seems to grow really well in this area so Ben and I decided to plant some in the cute pots just outside our front door. Hopefully they grow big and lovely soon at the moment they look like this -

My other purchase, which I must admit makes my heart race just a bit are these absolutely adorable shoes. I am a bit of a shoe addict, I even have a whole shoe cupboard and these will make a lovely new addition to my collection.

I wanted something really cute and teacher like for winter and I think I did well with this pair!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends, tomorrow we are going for an 8km walk around the local billabong. I've got a thing for birds at the moment so I hope to find some interesting wildlife to photograph, might even become a fully fledged bird watcher!

ttfn x

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Collages and Dust Storms..

Just a short post today to show the crazy you a photo from the amazing dust storms that we have been having in Mildura all day! I have never seen anything like it! This photo is taken from my back yard and has not been altered in anyway, this really is the colour of the sky!

So as it is advised not to go outside, I have spent the day with a great book (which I am teaching to my year 11 class) Montana 1948. Not a big fan of the wild west but I was really impressed by this little novel.

I have also been busy giving my moleskine a little TLC. Since starting up my blog my poor journal has taken a back seat. Here is a collage I did today called 'Hollie Sweet'.

All my favourite things, Paris, sewing, birds, owls, ballet dancers, books and roses. A little sleepy kitten even makes an appearance! And I got to use my lovely new inky pen!

Well I best be off to sit down with my knitting, my favourite nerdy ABC TV show, 'Time Team' (its about archaeological digs in England) and a nice glass of wine! x

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Recycled Notebooks..

Three posts in one day! Must be some kind of record..

Well I think I am definitely leaning towards procrastination today, I've been busy just not doing things I should be doing, like preparing lesson for next week! On the up side though, I have finally come up with some way cute recycled paper notebooks!

I have been trying to think of a way to use all the left over printed paper that I don't use at work. I didn't want to throw it away and there is only so many bits of scrap paper you can have lying around so I decided to take some inspiration from Subu on Etsy who makes adorable notebooks from discarded printer paper.

So here they are, as I can't really draw or cut very staight I decided to give them material covers with felt inside. They almost look like little purses. These are prototypes, still trying to get the size right, but I hope to have some in the Jade and Isobel shop really soon!

So they are A5 size with 20 pages, half blank and half with some interesting printing, ready for scribbles, drawings and musings! Very happy with the way they have turned out!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day.. ttfn x

Record the Day..

I know I have hundreds of things I should be doing, but instead I just can't seem to haul myself away from all these inspiring blogs and people I am finding! I just had to share this one special and unique blog with you.

I totally love creating things and recording life and have been endeavoring to journal for the last ten years. It has only been recently thanks to my bestie and dedicated writing partner Courtney that I have been really dedicated to writing everyday as we journey the year together with our moleskine journals.

Today I have been totally inspired to continue this long lost art form by an incredible creator Lobster and Swan who has recorded everyday of her life on index record cards and displayed them on her blog Record the Day.
Here are some of her unique creations. I would love to know where she stores them all.

Here's to creative people, may they inspire the world with scissors, glue and imagination! x

Miss Austen Treasury

Note: I have transfered this from Sunday's blog as the link is no longer available but you can see my treasury right here! :)

As I am just a little bit obsessed with all things Jane Austen at the moment I wanted to share with you the Treasury I have curated on Esty. In a treasury you get to choose 12 artists work and show them together in a kind of online gallery. As it only lasts for three days (so others can have a turn), I've posted a copy of it, cause I think its cute! Hope you enjoy! I especially love the 'Fan Club' badges and the moleskine!

Happy Tuesday! x