Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Counting down the days...

Only two work days to go...and I'm on holidays!

Just a quick post tonight to show you some bits I have been working on over the past few days. I found this lovely mustard wool and I just had to make it into some cute hats. I made them up on Sunday and Monday night in about four hours each. I think I just got so sick of marking and writing reports I had to do something else. Well here they are, they are my own designs, with lots of loving input from my sister and bestie.

This one is a beanie that will have some cute buttons on the front

And this is the 'Phoe' Beret created especially for my sister.

I'm really happy with them both and can't wait to recreate them in some different colours. Think I will need a trip to Spotlight on the weekend..

Also very exciting was that my Black Apple sketchbook arrived today and its just beautiful! I'm so happy with it!

She was also nice enough to pop in a delightful little postcard! Very cute!

Well it's very cold and I need to cook dinner then sit down and work on Declan's baby blanket. Wishing everyone a lovely Wednesday. I will leave you with a little photo I took on Tuesday morning of the beautiful fog creeping in over the house... yep it's definitely winter.

Time to rug up by the fire..

ttfn x

Sunday, 22 June 2008

A delightful weekend...

I believe that the weekend is officially the best time of the week and has it been a long week! Thank goodness I have finished writing reports, all that is left to do now is a wait to see how many mistakes are found, hopefully not many.

Its been a lovely weekend. We've been very busy tripping around antique stores and having lovely French hot chocolate under the winter trees at Pleasentrees. We had a fun night at the local Irish pub for a farewell/birthday bash for some friends from work. And today has been all about checking out lovely patterns and wool and catching up with Courtney on the phone. So here are some photos from my weekend adventures...

The beautiful lavender outside 'Rose Harvest Antiques'

The beautiful entrance that reminds me of the secret garden

We always have a lovely time at Rose Harvest, the rooms are just brimming with amazing things but today it was right out the back in the shed that I found my little treasure. I have been searching for an old ink well ever since I found my lovely quill. And look what I found...

I just love the ink stained would and lovely big pots. I've found a lovely spot for it on my dressing table. Now I really feel like Jane Austen.

A close up of my quill and cute little bottle of nut brown ink

Later in the afternoon after our weekly grocery shop we went out to 'Pleasentrees' French wares nursery. We had a lovely time wondering around the gardens and sipping there amazing french hot chocolate. It was just like chocolate from the film Chocolat. It was just beautiful. And I couldn't resist a few little cards and tags.

After all that fun and shopping its been a quite day today, lots of checking out patterns and lovely blankets. Courtney and I are just fascinated by Moonstiches and her hexagon love!

It's such a work of art..

Now I just need the time and patience to make one myself, I would really love to create a wall hanging. Its all I have been thinking about today... All those beautiful colours, what fun!

Now I'm looking forward to sitting down tonight and working on a beret for my sister. Been very inspired to get out my hook and create some goodness.

The start of the beret, loving the mustard wool

Hope everyone has had a l0vely weekend, looking forward to seeing all my family in a week tomorrow!

ttfn xx

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Smitten for Spoonflower..

Well its Saturday morning and it is the first time I have relaxed all week. As I was checking out the blogs around the place I couldn't help but notice everyone talking about 'Spoonflower' so I thought I would investigate a little further. And now I'm in love....

Spoonflower is a website where you can upload your own designs and they'll work their magic and print it onto fabric for you. Its incredible! Of course it is by invite only so I know what I will be doing over the holidays.... trying to come up with some amazing little scribbles and collages to turn into fabric! I'm so excited!

Got a lovely weekend ahead of me, going out to 'Pleasentrees' this afternoon for a French hot chocolate in the garden. Also going to dinner tonight for a friend's farewell. Will be much fun. I'm sure you will hear lots more from me over the weekend. x

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

My lucky day!

Can you believe it, as I was opening the mail this afternoon I noticed an interesting envelope that I thought was just some advertising. To my complete shock I opened it to find that I had won a $700 Aura linen package for subscribing to Inside Out magazine! I bought a subscription for mum for Mother's Day and who would have thought it would win beautiful bed linen. I got to choose between two different packages and I chose the beautiful Magnolia set. I wanted to share it with Mum as it was her luck that really won it! She scored the lovely throw rug and I'm sure it will look beautiful on her bed. Its a shame I don't get the cool dead tree sculpture too!

Isn't it just beautiful!

I'm looking forward to receiving it on the doorstep and it certainly has made my otherwise very long week!

What a wonderful day, hope yours was too! x

Image courtesy of Aura Lifestyle

Sunday, 15 June 2008

The young lovers...

Just a quick post to say a big congratulations to my grandparents who are celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary today.

They love is a constant inspiration in my life. I am always reminded to love unconditionally and never take a moment for granted..

And these words say it all..

Our love affair, may it always be
A flame to burn through eternity
So take my hand with a fervent prayer
That we may live and we may share
A love affair to remember.....

Much love to you both..


Crochet is the new cool...

Well its report writing week and my brain has become a little numb after writing 50 comments over the weekend, now I only have 80 to go! At least it will be all over after next week and I will be able to finally relax a little, then bring on the holidays!

I received a lovely little package from by bestie Courtney on Friday. We are doing our very first swap and I received these absolutely adorable mittens. I heart them so much. She is so talented! Check out her latest adventures at her blog.

My very cute mittens, handmade by Courtney

As a method of procrastination and just because I love it , I have been crocheting like crazy in between marking and report writing. I finally finished two hats, a lovely beret for Courtney for our swap and a crazy little one for me.

This is my retro little beret from a pattern in a 1973 Woman's Day magazine
(thanks to Creative Yarn for the pattern)

This is Courtney's beret all finished
(I'm so happy with the way it turned out!)

The back all nice and holey that way a good beret should be!
This pattern was also from Creative Yarn.

In other news we finally bought a dyer on Saturday, so we now have lovely dry clothes! Its been really hard in the cold to dry them on the line!

So on the day I had a quick trip to Cotton on and Spotlight to catch a few bargains!

Got this very cute knitted vest and a two cotton tops
and some wild bangles that were only $1 each.

This is my current favourite spot in the house and I found this perfect box at Spotlight for $10. I think it looks lovely filled with wool with yummy wool.

Here is a peak at my current stash. I love the mustard yarn which I'm using to make my sister a beret.

Oh and before I forget I just have to show you this little impulse purchase I got on Friday from The Black Apple Etsy site. This sketchbook was so adorable with her own artwork on the front I just couldn't resist. Now I just have to wait patiently for it to arrive!

My Lovely Purchase
(Photo courtesy of Pinball Publishing) via Inside the Black Apple

Well I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and I will be posting more goodness during the week. I have loads of inspirational bits and pieces I must post very soon.

In the meantime I must be off to mark more essays, spend some time on my moleskine, crochet little Declan's blanket and be inspired to write some poetry. Courtney and I have set out on an adventure to write a poem a day. It will be interesting indeed.

So I shall leave you with this by Walter de la Mare.

In dreams a dark chateau
Stands ever open to me
In far ravines dream-waters flow
Descending soundlessly...


Sunday, 8 June 2008

Carried Away!

Just a quick post to say how much I adored the Sex and the City movie! There were just so many fabulous things about it, I don't know where to start.

A few of my favourites...

Her quote about about her love of the smell of library books!

My favourite bag of the movie had to be the 'Eiffel Tower' bag by Timmy Woods

How adorable (if you have a spare $4,000)!

And finally the gorgeous letters of Ludwig van Beethoven 'Immoral Beloved'

'ever thine
ever mine
ever ours..'

Simply fabulous... x

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Hooked on Hooks!

Happy first of the month, how fast the time is flying by! Only a month until school holidays and I just can't wait. Well I have had a very productive week, especially in the crochet department. All of sudden it all made sense and now I must say I am a little obsessed (in a good way!) I just love it and had to take two trips to spotlight over the weekend to stock up on lovely supplies. And just look at my stash!

This is just yesterday's lot, I just love the green and purple bamboo cotton!

And how could I resist the 80's inspired hooks that Courtney found for me!

On the way back from Spotlight i got a little sidetracked and ended up in Target, which was lucky because they had 15% off everything. So I also stocked up on a few winter essentials.

A cute little top and lovely knitted vest and I couldn't resist these crazy coloured knee-highs! So adorable..

So when I got home, I was like a child in a candy store, I didn't know where to start with all my beautiful yarn! I have been working on a few things, I really wanted to try a really sweet flower pattern from Creative Yarn. Her website has been such an inspiration, I think she brings crochet into the modern day. So here is my result..

It's a bit big for my hair so I'm going to sew it onto a cute black and mustard tote.

One of my other projects is the perfect bed beret for my bestie Courtney, we are doing a craft swap, she is knitting me mittens and in return I'm crocheting her a sweet little red beret also from a Creative Yarn pattern. I was almost finished yesterday but ran out of wool, so hopefully I will have it looking all lovely in the next few days. Here is the work in progress.

All red and lovely like Kirsten Dunst's in Elizabethtown... see!

In other news I got a little creative in the kitchen this afternoon, I made scones! Thanks in part to dad's old recipe which he told me over the phone (with no measurements) which is where Margret Fulton came in handy. Amazingly their recipes are identical! And may I say the results went down very well, as my hubby and I sat down to high tea on our first winter's afternoon.

The recipe and the results..

The crumbs..

I will finish my post with a new photo of Mallee, he was settled in very nicely and is now singing every time a song comes on the radio or the TV. His favourite is the 20th Century Fox theme!

'Cheep Cheep'

Oh I can't forget this photo. It was a bit of a fluke, as we were outside having afternoon tea a amazing little green bird landed on our crazy Narnia Lamppost..

Look carefully.. Isn't he lovely?

I hope everyone has had a lovely relaxed weekend and is ready for a wonderful new week. Our Book Club is still reading Chocolat and I am just adoring it, lovely to go to bed with a good book.

So rug up, crank up the heater, get a glass of red and a beautiful book and enjoy..