Sunday, 14 September 2008

A book making, bird watching, doll creating weekend!

Second post of the day! Plenty more in store. First of all I'm so excited that its the last week of term which means this time next week my hubby and I will be in Queensland with our families. Can't wait for a holiday, I'm surprised just how fast the term has gone, although I still have plenty of marking to do! I'm also very excited about my second wedding anniversary which is coming up on Tuesday, we are having a little romantic dinner at the new (and only) Thai restaurant in town. It's been booked out for weeks so we are lucky to finally get a table. So on with my busy weekend..

Yesterday we had our monthly Poetic Justice Publishing (PJP) meeting at Sunshine House just outside of Mildura in Redcliffs. Sunshine house is a pickers cottage on a beautiful property where we have our meetings and book making sessions. We are currently finishing making booklets from a Poetic Licence event held earlier in the year. I got the chance to take some photos of Sunshine House and the beautiful old tractors and windmill that are still on the property from its grape growing days.

Windmill and water tanks in the spring sunshine

I just love this old tractor

Welcome to Sunshine House

Our work for the day, I'm getting good at hand binding!

Finally we are having some warm weather here, its just so nice to feel the warmth on my skin and what better way then to go for a Sunday morning walk around Duck's Foot lagoon at our favourite spot, King's Billabong. The bird nerd part of me came out today as I had a ball taking photos of the fantasic array of wildlife around the lagoon.

A pair of black swans in the lagoon..

A very pretty gallah in flight on the Murray..

Somewhere between book making and bird watching I had an inspirational moment and decided to make my beautiful best friend Courtney and her little girl Lily a joint present. After creating my little character Olive I have always wanted to make her into a doll. I'm so happy with her, she is just how I imagined. So here she is, after eight hours over two days, with miss matched stockings, skirt and buttons. My very first Olive.


Close up of her cute bow and buttons...

Well I best go get ready for my busy Monday, you just have to put on a big smile and embrace a busy Monday. I will leave you with my favourite things for this week...

This delightful little box of treasures created by Lobster and Swan, I just adore it!

This amazing book I just ordered called Urgent 2nd Class by Nick Bantock. It is an inspirational handbook for making art by reusing old maps, postcards, scraps, letters and envelopes. All of my favourite things!

Wishing everyone a fab week! Embrace spring, by fresh flowers, eat strawberries and dance in the afternoon sunshine.

Much love xxx

Outdoor Adventures...

How the weeks go by so fast, I have so much to share I may have to do a few separate entries tonight. First of all I had to post a few photos of the Outdoor Education expedition I had the pleasure of being a part of last week. It was a two day adventure through an island on the Murray River and it certainly lived up to its adventure status.

Day One: We were bused in and left with a map and a compass to walk 20kms through the wilderness to reach our camp site with three creek crossings.

Group shot before we started walking..

Our first creek crossing.. what fun!

It was nice to finally see the campsite eight hours later!

Day Two: We ditched our packs (thank goodness) and canoed 26kms down to the Murray river through the adjacent creeks. It was just beautiful to be on the water and was a great workout! We also got to experience going through a lock, which is kind of like being locked into a giant swimming pool that changes the water levels from different sides of the river.

My view for the day.

Having fun in the boat!

Canoes lined up for our lunch stop..

Coming out of the lock, as water dropped four metres and we hung onto our little canoes for our lives!

It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to get the chance to go on my next adventure, perhaps without a 15kg pack next time!

ttfn xx