Thursday, 26 November 2009

Some sad news...

I've been trying to find the right way to word this little post and everything I seem to write just doesn't make the words any easier to say. Sadly my grandfather passed away yesterday after a long battle with Parkison's Disease. I will be taking a little time away from my blog and Etsy shop for myself and to spend time with my family in Queensland. Thank you so much to all my readers so your support and comments over this amazing year. It makes my day to read your inspiring words and be a part of this wonderful community. I look forward to returning before Christmas to share in the beautiful festive delights with all of you.

Much Love

Monday, 23 November 2009

My Place & Yours.. My Collection

What a fabulous theme this week for My Place and Yours... Collections! Just so delightful, thank you Kate! I am indeed a bowerbird by nature and my collections often adorn my blog pages. I'm constantly searching for fascinating items to collect and often spend my weekends meandering through, antique and second hand shops when I have a 'feeling' there might be delights about.

My largest collection in many senses is of course my typewriters. It all started years ago when I bought a cheap 1970's portable from a garage sale. The next thing I knew I was using this little old typewriter so much I ran it out of ink, so I began to search for another. It was a delightful Saturday morning at my favourite antique shop that I spotted the most beautiful typewriter I had ever seen. At that moment I knew I just had to begin a collection.

My five oldest typewriters, including my very favourite Remington circa 1908. I can't wait to move into our lovely new cottage, my hubby has promised to build a cabinet to fit my collection in.

Whilst on the look out for typewriters, I'm also in search of teacups and ink bottles, two of my favourite 'little things' to collect.

Some of my teacups, the rest are scattered around the house holding buttons, earrings, flowers and of course tea!

I've been given most of my current tea cup collection from my grandmother's pieces. I love finding cups that are just a little bit quirky and stand out from the crowd. I always love a teacup with a fascinating handle. When I have a little more space, teapots are my next on my list.

My ink bottle stash began with my love for old quills and daydreams of sitting at a little desk in the attic and writing a manuscript just like Jo March from Little Women. I'm drawn to bottles that have a tale to tell with unusual shapes, text and lids.

As Sibella Court says, 'I call myself a keeper of collections'. I find pieces of yesteryear and bring them back together, telling tall tales and love stories along the way.

Pop over to Pip at Meet me at Mikes to enjoy all the other beautiful collections and inspire the bowerbird within you.

Much love and happy collecting

Sunday, 22 November 2009

A granny chic Christmas..

Inspired by the ever delightful Emma Lamb and The Royal Sisters, I spent a glorious rainy Saturday creating my very own granny chic Christmas tree. As we will be moving into our lovely new house in less than a month, just in time for Christmas, I didn't want to set up our normal tree just to have to pull it down again, so this is my little festive alternative.

I bought the sweet tree from Rose Harvest last weekend and adorned it with some little Christmas granny circles and gorgeous candy stripped ribbon from Spotlight.

I love traditional red and white for Christmas and used a little cream contrast add a golden touch. I've still got a few more to make to fill the back of the tree and I'm so pleased with the say its turned out.

Next on my crochet list is a garland to match my little tree and I can't wait to try out The Royal Sisters lovely twinkle star pattern to match my wee Christmas circles.

Wishing you a wonderful relaxing Sunday. I'll be back tomorrow with this week's My Place and Yours, what a fabulous theme this week collections! I have so many collections I'm not even sure where to start. Trying to fit all my typewriters into one photograph will be very interesting indeed.

Much love and festive thoughts

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Saturday Shopping List..

It is lovely to have a little free time up my sleeve to once again rejoice in a meander through the delightful world of Etsy, to bring to you a wee shopping list each Saturday. I do miss creating these lists so much and I'm looking forward to finding some wonderful new creations and sellers.

Today it rained... for the first time in months and after the heatwave of the last few weeks I could not be happier. It was as if the rain drops were tiny rainbows of colour.

1. Raindrops - 5 x 5 art print by crimsonpeachyart
2. Miniature Raindrop (Orange Pattern) by ashleyg
3. The rain cloud - Print by tinewiggens
4. Mobile Rain of colors.... by leptitpapillon

Check out all the other lovely shopping lists at fancypicnic.

Happy Saturday! I'm off to dance in the rain and then perhaps curl up with a cup of tea and some crochet.

Much Love

Thursday, 19 November 2009

My Creative Space..

A little Christmas cheer has come skipping through my creative space this week. Cherry red and snow flake white, dance amongst books and typewriters as I dream of a distant white Christmas whilst finding my reality in the middle of a heatwave...

My creative space, getting ready for Christmas... with inspiration from the beautiful new Inside Out Christmas Edition, vintage books, feathers and fabric.

I was so delighted yesterday to find in my mailbox... a fabulous sparkling copy Keri Smith's new book This is not a Book. Oh it is just so much fun!

I found this beautiful stack of goodies at Rose Harvest last weekend and I just couldn't resist. It reminds me of a lovely collection of vintage school books.

A little stash of fabric ready to be transformed into decorations and other Christmas delights.
Join the creative space fun with the Queen of creativity Kirsty!

I hope those of you in my part of the world are finding a way to keep cool and those of you enjoy the beginnings of a white Christmas, oh how I would love to join you. Wishing you all a lovely and creative Thursday.

Much Love

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Wonderful Wednesday Inspiration...

Now I have a lovely little home ready to be filled with delightful things, I feel like I've got a blank canvas just waiting for some paint and love. Pouring through magazines and blogs last night I was just overwhelmed with delightful possibilities and thought I would share with you some lovely and inspiring rooms. I love looking at all my favourite images in one place, I begin to take note of all the subtle similarities and quirky things I just adore.





Just beautiful! All images from weheartit, decor8 and designsponge. Check out these great sites for absolutely beautiful and inspiring decorating ideas.

Happy Wednesday!
Much Love

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Our lovely new cottage...

I'm so excited to be able to share some fabulous news that I have been keeping secret for a few weeks now... my hubby and I have finally bought our very first house!

Our new home...

After falling in love with the pictures of this gorgeous little cottage we just had to go and have a peek at it.. and after seeing the stunning Murray pine floor boards, Wunderlich ceilings and amazing Maple tree out the back we just couldn't resist. We move in on the 18th of December, so now the joys of packing begin.. I just can't wait to start painting, gardening and making the little cottage all our own.

I'm off to have a wee glass of champagne to celebrate and spend a few lovely hours searching for decorating inspiration through some fabulous new magazines before the madness begins.

Any packing advice much appreciated
Much love and happy days!

Monday, 16 November 2009

What have you been making?

After reading Pip's lovely what have you been making post, I was inspired share to share what I have been creating over the past week. Although still in the midst of chaos at my day job (as you can see from my sad lack of posting over the last few weeks) I have been trying to spend a little time for myself making lovely things.

Some exciting crochet projects I'm working on... One is a secret, the other is the beginnings of a lovely giant granny square blanket for my bed.

And a wonderful chocolate cake recipe I found in Susan Southam's beautiful book Velvet Pears, with yummy ganache icing from Nigella's delightful How to be a Domestic Goddess.

Today I'm off to cut some fabric for my Christmas stock I am busily working on and I'm also looking forward to a spot of letter writing later this evening. What have you been making?

Much love

Thursday, 12 November 2009

My Creative Space..

This week my creative space is more a whole stack of ideas in my mind rather than a chaotic desk. With only one more day until the weekend and I can't wait for some free time to mess up my studio and create some lovely Christmas decorations and work on my softie for Mirabel. But whilst I wait for a Saturday to arrive, I'm finding a few moments in my day to enjoy the lovely things in life, including a spot of crochet. As my ideas are yet to hit the page, my creative space this week contains my two new favourite things..

My favourite fabric, a recent purchase from Funky Fabrix and perhaps the most delightful and kooky shoes I own, my fabulous new pair of Tony Bianco ballet flats.

Join the creative space fun with the Queen of creativity Kirsty!

I hope your Thursday has been full of creativity and delightful moments. My thought for the day... take note of the little things.

Much Love

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Lovely Things List...

It has indeed been a very busy week in my little nook... with my students completing exams, essays to mark, reports to write, brooches to make and having just made quick trip over the weekend to Brisbane to visit my beautiful family and spend some very precious time with my grandparents, this last seven days have been quite a whirl wind. Now I'm back and barely unpacked and I'm already searching for extra hours in the day for the little things. This afternoon on my walk home from work in 41 degree heat, I began to think about ways I could catch an extra moment in the day, to do something special just for me.. So I made a little list of lovely things to do and I've made a wee promise to myself to spend half and hour doing one of these activities each day..

Lovely Things List

Read a beautiful book..

Bake something yummy!

Crochet a granny square..

Make the perfect cup of tea..

Take an afternoon walk..

Enjoy a spot of retail therapy.. (especially if it is the at the amazing Anthropologie store in London)

Watch a film.. (Amelie always makes me smile)

Fill a page with beautiful words..

And if all that seems to difficult...
Enjoy an afternoon nap!

All images found on weheartit

Right now it's a tough choice between reading a book and taking a little nap before cooking dinner. I'm thinking if I begin reading and then fall asleep, I've enjoyed two lovely things in one day.. Perfect! Wishing you a lovely Wednesday full of lovely things!

Much Love

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Getting Creative..

What a lovely long weekend it has been! I must admit I do love a nation that takes the day off for a horse race and although I spent the day creating, gardening and baking, I did stop for the big race, discarding my gardening gloves for a sweet little hat. I do adore the beautiful dresses and hats and would one day love to make the trip to Melbourne for the races.

Over the weekend I popped into Spotlight for to pick up some bits and pieces including the latest Get Creative magazine.

I was very excited to open it in the middle of the shop to see a wee picture of myself and some of my Christmas creations. A few months ago the delightful editor Jacquie asked me to be involved in an article about Christmas traditions and its so lovely to be featured along with some fabulous creatives Jenny Hart and Nicole Tattersall.

The lovely little article..

I just love creating for Christmas, wrapping accessories, cards, gifts and decorations, it's just the perfect time to give handmade. This year I'm loving beautiful bright colours, cherry red, aqua blue and gorgeous 1950's green. Here is a sneak peek at some festive bits and pieces I've been working on for me Etsy shop.

A little brooch inspired wrapping accessory, I'm just adoring the red and white stripe ribbon and the fact that the recipient can wear their little accessory once the present has been unwrapped.

I've also been working on some sweet little apple inspired Christmas tree decorations. These will be available in my little Etsy shop very soon and I'm looking forward to offering custom decorations so you can choose the colours and text.

Wishing you a lovely Tuesday, enjoy your week!
Much Love

Sunday, 1 November 2009

My Place & Yours..Blog HQ

Another delightful Sunday morning here in Mildura, although I'm not sure how long it is going to last. With a top of 40 degrees expected today it seems Summer has certainly arrived. I think I'll make the most of the sunshine this morning and find somewhere cool to retreat this afternoon. I'm thinking a film or two perhaps. On this long weekend, I'm just loving this week's 'My Place and Yours' meme and what a fab theme, chosen by the delightful Ninon, 'Blog Headquarters'.

So here is my Blog HQ... It is a little nook in my studio, inspired by an article in Real Living magazine a few months back. This wee bookshelf is the perfect spot for storing all my bits and pieces and also doubles as a great desk space.

The shelf stores my favourite books and images, also my new little 'Box Brownie' I found last week at Rose Harvest as well as a little collection of envelopes that I love to keep from far away places.

The middle shelf is a constantly changing art gallery of lovely cards, collages and photographs. A recent addition was the little inspiration board which is currently adorned with the sweet colours of Spring.

So that's my little Blog HQ, I can't wait to see yours! Pop over the Pip's to play along.

I'm off to spend the rest of the morning creating, I think a little crochet to begin with and then onto some new pieces for my Etsy shop. Hopefully I can get a little bit done before the heat kicks in this afternoon. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.

Much love