Sunday, 28 February 2010

Shop Update - 'Story Telling' Collages

A little shop update on a lovely Sunday, to introduce the first of my original collages, the 'Story Telling' Collection.

1. The Companion Book Club
2. Gardens of Wonderland
3. He Carries a Sword
4. Scribbling Days

Each collage comes with its own sweet story inspired by the vintage images and intertwined text. Pop over and check them out at my little shop now.

Much Love

Flea Market Finds..

Good morning and welcome to another lovely Sunday of Flea Market Finds. I hope you have been enjoying a fabulous weekend whatever you have been up to. Did you check out all of last weeks finds. Weren't they just fabulous, you girls have some serious talent when it comes to locating second hand goodies. There was a fabulous stash of books and magazines, some lovely kitchen accessories here and here, a seriously cute lamp and a fabulous chandelier. What a wonderful haul of goodies.

My second hand search this week was all about finding some more lovely bits of ephemera for my collages. Yesterday morning I headed straight out to Rose Harvest, to wander through all the lovely rooms in search of some beloved treasures. Here's what I found..

The sweetest little box brownie to add to my collection and a stack of gorgeous books that will be just perfect for my collage series.

I actually gasped when I pulled this little box out from under a cupboard, all the gorgeous old buttons and buckles have so many stories to tell.

And out the back I finally picked up something I've been wanting for so long..

This lovely red birdcage, which is now hanging in the maple tree in the backyard...

So what have you found this week! I can't wait to see, I just love popping in and sharing your flea market fun! To play along just leave a comment and put your flea market blog post (not just your blog) in the MckLinky below so we can all check out your goodies. Remember you can play any time during the week!

Oh and if you have a flickr account, be sure you pop over and join the Flea Market Finds pool and add your lovely finds.

Happy Sunday!
Much Love

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Saturday Shopping List...London

A little bit of lovely old London to start your weekend, inspired by Sparrow Salvage's gorgeous necklace.

Happy Saturday! I'm off to do a spot of shopping myself, what are your weekend plans?
Much Love

Friday, 26 February 2010

Friday Favourites

Something a little different for my Friday Favourites today.. You see, it is official. Yes, I can finally purchase something beautiful from Anthropologie and they will ship it to me, right to my little cottage doorstep here in Australia. Oh me, oh my! There are no words.. Just crazy dancing! These are just a few of my Anthropologie Friday Favourites...

All beautiful goodness via Anthropologie

It really is a very Happy Friday!

Much Love

Thursday, 25 February 2010

My Creative Space..

This week I've been messing up my newly created Ephemera Corner as I search for imperfect book covers and vintage images to create my new series of collages. As I sit and ponder through lovely old books, their stories seeping into my soul, I feel at home.

My little handmade table filled with vintage ephemera..

A new collage in progress.. Scribbling Days, created using a gorgeous library stamped vintage book cover.

Vintage postcards

One of my favourite keys from my collection and a lovely reel of vintage crochet thread

I just love my new little space in my studio, just the perfect size to mess up, with somewhere to store all my bits and pieces.

Visit the creative Queen of craft Kirsty for more gorgeous creative spaces.

Happy Thursday!
Much Love

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Some afternoons..

Some afternoons were made for a cozy spot and a good book..

beautiful image by Samantha Lamb

Today was just one of those afternoons...

Much Love

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Society Delights

Thank you so much to my lovely friend Christina, for alerting me this morning to the amazing sneak peek of Sibella Court's home and shop over at Design*Sponge. You have made my day! My heart began to race as soon as I saw all those beautiful images and now I'm dreaming about future op shopping and treasure hunting adventures, to bring a little of Sibella's world into my wee cottage. A few of my favourites..

Be still my beating heart...
Just so much lovely! Be sure to check them all out over at Design*Sponge.

I hope your Tuesday has been full of beautiful moments
Much Love

Delightful Dwellings..

As I tinker around my little house and each week find new bits and pieces to add, I have been thinking about my personal style and where I fit into the grand scheme of interior design. Here are a few images that are inspiring me this week...

Well it seems I need to invest in a lovely bentwood chairs, a lovely birdcage or two, a little more vintage ephemera and some gorgeous new linen. I've heard this style called Modern Whimsy.. Whatever it is, I think I'm in love.

Happy Tuesday
Much Love

Monday, 22 February 2010

Collage me pretty..

As promised here are the little collages I have been working on.. this is just the beginning of my 'Story Telling' collection which uses vintage ephemera, lace and buttons on old book covers to tell sweet stories of years gone by.

The beginnings of the 'Story Telling' collection
The Companion Book Club (left) and Gardens of Wonderland (right) will be available in my little Etsy shop later this week.

I hope you are having very lovely Monday indeed..
Much Love

Sunday, 21 February 2010

My Ephemera Corner..

It seems that I have a short attention span today.. it's Sunday and my stash of ephemera was calling me away from my essay marking. I've been trying to decided what I wanted to do with the lovely side table my hubby made. It was mid way through my pile of essays I had a striking idea.. an ephemera corner, so I've taken a little break to bring my idea to life in my studio.

My little ephemera corner, filled with all kinds of vintage bits and pieces.
We found this little spice rack yesterday on our travels at Around Again and I didn't think much of it at the time. But it has made the perfect place to store all my vintage paper, postcards, photographs and book covers.

My vintage Kinco trinket box makes the perfect home for my precious keys and buckles

And another little recycled box to keep all my vintage lace and ribbon together.

Here is a little sneak peek of the two collages I've made this weekend. Its been so lovely to get back into create little pieces of art. Collage has always been a favourite medium of mine to work in. I will be making a whole collection over the coming weeks and each will some with its own little story.

Both little collages will be for sale in my Etsy shop later this week.

As another storm roles over, I best get back to my marking after my very satisfying little break. I think another pot of tea or two is in order to see me through the rest of these essays.

Much Love

Giveaway Winner!

Thanks so much to everyone who enter my Valentine Giveaway, it was so delightful to hear about all your fictional character crushes, some very sweet ones indeed!

Now to the lovely winner! By way of my favourite magical pink teacup..

Congratulations Sue! I hope you enjoy your brooch.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday, we have just had a beautiful storm come over and now the whole world seems cool and lovely. I'm off to brew a pot of tea and get back to these essays.

Much Love

Flea Market Finds..

Oh how I love a good second hand find and when Sunday comes rolling around just I can't wait to see all your finds for the week. Some wonderful discoveries again last week, you girls really know how to shop. A lovely piece of furniture here, fabulous shoes and handbag, a gorgeous brooch collection and some great garage sale pieces too. Yay for second hand treasures!

So I had one of those amazing 'Flea Market Gods are shining down on me' moments yesterday, when we made a quick stop at Around Again, so my hubby could look for some parts to make an aviary. I walked into the 'good room' and sitting in front of me was the most delightful little phone stand. I just loved seeing Vic's gorgeous phone stand makeover and now I have the perfect place to put my little retro phone.

My little telephone stand..

I also stopped off at Sweet Lilly, a lovely little homewares and antique shop to pick up some ephemera for some new collages I'm working on. I came out with a fabulous 1948 copy of Home Journal (above) and these lovely old photographs.

I hope the Flea Market Gods have shone down on you this week! What have you found? To play along just leave a comment and put your flea market blog post (not just your blog) in the MckLinky below so we can check out your goodies.

I'm off to mark a whole stack of year 12 English drafts and essays, hope your Sunday is a little bit more exciting than mine!

PS. I will be back a little later to announce the winner of my Valentine Giveaway.

Much Love

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Saturday Shopping List..

1. nothing unrequited here by heather bell by vervebathpress
2. No.24 Journal Tales by stton
3. PostScript - a zine by TangleCrafts
4. April Craft Leftovers Monthly by CraftLeftovers

Fill your Saturday with paper delights and lovely zines..

Check out the other lovely shopping lists at fancypicnic.

Happy Saturday, hope you are having a fabulous start to your weekend.
Much Love

Friday, 19 February 2010

Friday Favourites

This Friday it's all about bunches of colour and fun!

Fabulous cardboard balloons by Color Me Katie

Gorgeous colourful moments in Emily Henson's home via Design*Sponge

Super sweet magazine rack at Lucy King's lovely home via The Design Files

I think this may just be my new phase to live by.. beautiful wall hanging by dottie angel

Oh Friday how I heart thee...
Here's to a wonderful Friday and a truly delightful weekend!

Only two more days to enter my giveaway, so be sure to pop over here for your chance to win.

Much Love

Thursday, 18 February 2010

My Creative Space..

I always love when Thursdays come rolling around, the end of the week is near and creative spaces are abundant with lovely handmade delights. What a busy week it has been, the year seems to be picking up pace as one day seems to morph magically into the next. I just love the quiet creative moments in my day when I can just be, with some fabric and scissors or a crochet hook. This week my creative space has been filled with some fun and fabulous projects that make me smile.

On my little desk this week is a little secret project I'm currently creating. I've been working on a little softie pattern for a little while and this is a wee experiment for a special someone inspired by one of my favourite children's books, The Secret Staircase.

My funny little illustrations coming to life..

Also on my desk, my little granny squares still growing in number.. I'm loving them so much I think my original cushion idea, may become a wee blanket instead.

Its been a fabulous week for dressing up at work, as I spoke at the school assembly dressed as a Pink Lady from Grease on Monday and Tuesday I adorned a very yellow bumble bee costume for the swimming carnival. I just love playing dress ups!

My bumblebee costume complete with handmade tutu, giant bow and of course some pipe cleaner antennas. So much fun!

Visit the creative Queen of craft Kirsty for more creative spaces.
Wishing you a fabulously creative Thursday! Hope your week has been just lovely indeed.

PS. If you haven't already, be sure to enter pop over here to enter my Valentine's giveaway for your chance to win a very special Mr. Darcy brooch.

Much Love

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Delightful Dwellings..

I've always been fascinated with the mysterious beauty of the dressing table.. There is just something so romantic about a dressing table adorned with beautiful jewellery, flowers, perfume and vintage trinkets.

via Habitually Chic

via weheartit

via Tales of a retro-modern housewife

via The Society Inc

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday, I hope you enjoy a moment of two of vintage beauty today, perhaps sitting at your very own dressing table, or dreaming about one you would love to create.

PS. Thanks so much for your fabulous responses to yesterday's what's in a name post! They were so fascinating. Might have a ask strange questions more often.

PPS. Be sure to pop over to enter my Valentine Giveaway!

Much Love

Monday, 15 February 2010

Monday Question: What's in a name..

I'd love to ask you all a question.. You see I'm a lover of words, phrases and names and every time I find a new blog I always wonder what's behind the name, so today I would love to know, why you gave your blog its name?

I'll kick things off with my little story.. I originally intended to begin this blog during my time as a prac teacher, to write down ideas I had about my teaching journey. I was spending my spare time, whilst not on my practical teaching rounds at the one of the local school libraries, gaining extra experience. I just loved spending the afternoon shelving, smelling and reading the books, I often imagined myself finding a secret little door within the shelves and going on secret adventures. So that is how I came up with Her Library Adventures..

Can't wait to here your stories, feel free to comment here or write a little blog post of your own if you would like. Either way please let me know, I just love an interesting tale!

Hope you are having a lovely Monday!
Much Love

Sunday, 14 February 2010

A Valentine Giveaway!

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day then with a giveaway! I'm very excited to give away, to one lovely winner, a brooch that is very special to me. Last year I created a limited edition range of the I heart Mr. Darcy brooch for Georgie Love which was featured in Frankie Magazine.

Well I have one very special brooch from this limited edition range that I have kept and I thought that Valentine's Day would be the perfect day to share in the Mr. Darcy love.

So if you would like to win a Mr. Darcy brooch of your very own just leave a comment on this post and tell me which fictional character you heart and why.

One bonus entry for everyone who plays along with Flea Market Finds this week.
Two bonus entries if you blog about my little giveaway or join up to follow my blog (please comment and let me know so I can come visit your blog and say hi.)
Thee bonus entries for each item you purchase from my Etsy shop between now and next Sunday the 21st of February.

The lucky winner will be drawn from the magical tea cup on Sunday the 21st of February at midday Australian time and is open to everyone world wide.

Good luck!
Much Love

Flea Market Finds..

Well it's Sunday again and a very LOVEly Sunday it is indeed! I hope your morning has been delightful, I've already been surprised with fabulous coffee and a lovely breakfast. I could get used to this Valentine's Day thing!

What a fabulous week of Flea Market Finds it was.. Thanks so much for joining the fun and spreading the Flea Market love! There were some very crazy bunnies from here and here, some fabulous pillowcases and buttons, the most gorgeous red suitcase and a wedding dress that must be seen to be believed. You girls really how to find some wonderful treasures.

I had a delightful morning yesterday exploring the local Salvos and Around Again and came home with a lovely little bag of treasures. I just love finding things I've always wanted but wasn't even searching for!

My goodies included a few lovely vintage hardcovers, two very sweet little vases and one of my favourite finds so far for the year, this fabulous retro style phone (that actually works!) I really do have a bit of a crush on this phone.

So what have you found this week, I've noticed a few lovely ladies getting in early with their finds, I think it's going to be another wonderful week. To play along just leave a comment and put your flea market blog post (not just your blog) in the MckLinky below so we can check out your goodies.

Remember your finds can be new, old or even something you would love to find. And don't worry if you didn't search a flea market, we love garage sales and op shops too. Oh and be sure to pop over to the Flea Market Finds Flickr pool and add your treasures too.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Much Love

Saturday, 13 February 2010

My Place & Yours..Kitchen Love

What a fabulous theme this week for the ever lovely My Place & Yours. I always have such fun checking out everyone lovely bits and pieces and can't wait to see all the kitchen love this week. I love my whole kitchen, it was one of the first things I fell in love with when we first saw our little cottage. It is a little bit quaint and very quirky and is always a buzz of activity.

Our little cottage kitchen which features a lovely island bench..

The original fire place is my favourite part of the kitchen..

And I can't forget my latest kitchen accessory... I found this cute Typo ampersand mug at Cotton On and just felt the need to plant some parsley in it! Lovely to have fresh herbs on the bench.

Can't wait to see everyone's favourite kitchen bits and pieces.. To join in pop over and see the fabulous Vic at Punky & Me.

Much Love

Saturday Shopping List..Love

1.the delicate heart. oxidized sterling silver necklace by loleys
2. Love art print in red by lovelysweetwilliam
3.VIVA LA LOVE (LONG LIVE LOVE) print by theloveshop
4. sweet be mine valentine gift tags by mommyholly

'Love is all you need'..

Check out all the other lovely shopping lists at fancypicnic.

I hope your weekend is filled with LOVEly things. Got an exciting Valentine plans? I do, but mine are a secret!

Much Love