Friday, 15 April 2011

Dream Thrifting List..

It seems my world is all about dreaming today.. So as I sat a the computer this morning, working my new project and a little admin, I decided to write my daydream down.  What I discovered on the page in front of me was this dream list.. of all the things I would LOVE to find whilst thrifting.  It made me smile..

So what's on your dream thrifting list?



  1. A 50s prom dress,authentic cowboy boots,a vintage typewriter,some Atwell books like I used to own,and any vintage dresses I can find those are just some of my dreamable things
    along with acres of land of my own an old house to go on it

  2. A vintage camera, vintage books, vintage singer sewing maching and table to name a few :)

  3. Such a lovely list of treasures, I've got to say I'm completely with you on the typewriter though I'd like one in pale blue or green!

    Jem xXx

  4. * a not too vintage, but portable 1970s typewriter
    * old woollen (not acrylic) Granny Blankets
    * lots of vintage Habby items
    * a Mr Pickwick stoneware Inkwell

    ♥♥ thank you ♥♥

  5. No way! That could seriously be my list! :) xx

  6. wow. your list is just amazing! I would love everything that you are dreaming of!

    great blog, I have been returning regularly! :-)

  7. Oh, let's about old cookbooks, children's picture books, egg cups, lloyd loom chairs, beaded handbags from the 1920's, very old carpet bags, toast racks, odd silver items like pickle forks, glazed tiles, French linens, tin toys, buttons.

    I could go on, you know!

  8. You have a great list and have inspired me to dream a little!

    I would LOVE to find a Hans Wegner Dining set or his Papa Bear chair, a vintage Kilim, Raymor Capri pieces, Eva Zeisel for Red Wing... I could go on forever!

  9. Teapots, any kind of tea paraphernalia, old spinning wheels, lace shawls, 70s sunglasses, a 50s style full, frilly apron, long shirt dresses, a bike with a basket...and old childrens books.

    that's all I can write off the top of my head.


  10. Hi
    I have a cute pair of 50s cats eye glasses that I no longer want, and haven't even worn! Bought off US eBay in 2009 for my 50s wedding but changed my mind about wearing them for the photo session.

    Let me know if you're interested as I was planning to put them back on eBay or Etsy.


  11. It's possible. I have the vintage globe, the cat-eye glasses, vintage African creatures (close to woodland), a 1930s dress (sits between the 1920s hat and 1950s dress). But yes, a letter written by BP. That would ne nice.

  12. oooh I had to do this as one of the first posts on our new blog:\

    I hope you find your pink typewriter - a real niche find!


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