Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Top 5 Journal Tips..

Today I thought I might share with you my five top journal tips.  These tips have come from time, playing around and lovely ideas from many of my favourite books on writing and creativity.

1. Take your journal everywhere..
Buy a journal to fit in your handbag, or perhaps a handbag to fit your journal.  Take it with you wherever you go. Let it sit with you while you have coffee with friends, or even go grocery shopping.  Let your journal enjoy everyday adventures and become part of your world.

2. Remember to capture the little moments..
If you take your journal with you, you can capture the little moments.  I love to collect pretty business cards, tickets and street press.  I also love writing on a Saturday morning when we go out for breakfast, watching the passers by is always inspiring. Documenting everyday moments through words, illustration, collage or a mix allows you to embrace your journey, even if it is something you often see as routine. 

3. Make your journal feel like home and visit often..
My favourite tip... I find that if I only visit my journal occasionally, we never get acquainted.  I leave the first page blank and fill it with all my very favourite bits and pieces as I 'move in' to my journal.  I also try and make a little bit of time each day, particularly at night, to pen a few lines or create a little collage.  I find this helps me to be at home in my journal space.  

4. Don't be afraid of white pages, get in and play..
I know, white pages can be a little daunting, but it's all about having fun.  One of my favourite ways to 'play' is through 'cut out poems' like the one above.  Choose a page from a magazine, find words you love and create something new. Grab a glue stick and paste it onto a lovely picture.  It's so much fun!

5. Fill your journal with beautiful inspiring and positive things..
One thing I've learned over the years is that journaling is very different to keeping a diary. I write quite a bit throughout my journal, but rather than concentrating on my personal life,  I write about my creative world, which includes my passions, dreams and ambitions. I stay  positive and this helps me to want to come back day after day. If I need to vent I use bits of scrap paper, that I can throw away, before I begin creating a new page. I find this a really important part of my creative process, because I love opening my journal and finding tiny, inspiring moments that make me smile. 

I hope these little journal tips might intrigue you to dust off that lovely notebook and explore the journalling world.

Much Love

PS. Here's a list of my favourite and inspiring journal and diary keepers.


  1. Nice! I've just found the journal I lost five months ago so am inspired to re-acquaint myself.

  2. Wow, this is like a dip into my brain. This is exactly how I treat my journal. It's full of random ideas, things that happened, cut-outs from magazines and all sorts of doodles and scribblings. And it's so worn from being in my purse all the time. :D Nice to know there are other dedicated journal keepers out there.

  3. Great tips and ideas my oor journal/s start of well each year then get neglected.This years one has been stopped and started many times But it is great when you get into it.I never used to use pictures in mine and some go bak 30s years now I do.

  4. these are great tips! loved reading them, thks for sharing!

  5. Thanks! I went out today and bought an array of Artline pens, as you suggested, in the hope of finding the right one!

  6. Hi! I love your blog and your creativity!
    I read you every day.

  7. Thanks for these tips! Usually in my diary I write when I'm upset, it's my method of catharsis and of dealing with it...but now I think that I should try out a journal filled with creativity and inspiration as well! Thanks!

  8. You are so right about white space being daunting.

  9. Just stopping by... I love these journal tips. What a brilliant idea - to keep the positives close to home, and deal with the negatives by acknowledging them in little chunks and then throwing them away.

    Thanks Sophie. Some great ideas here.

  10. These are great tips, they've really inspired me to want to try journaling. I've never done it before but I would love to have a go.

  11. You wrote this ages ago, but found a pic from this post on Pinterest and followed the link. I appreciate the 5 tips. I have been keeping 'morning papers' journal a la Julia Cameron's Artist way. I think I have out grown it because it is becoming a place to complain and my complaints are repetitive and I don't feel the 'outlet' is satisfying my need to keep moving proactively on my journey in life. Your 5 tips have given me food for thought to revitalize journalling so that it is effective in being a positive outlet and a facilitation of my creativity. Thank you.


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