Monday, 28 February 2011

Perfect Mondays...

Some Mondays I feel like hiding in the back of an antique bookshop... Just me and all the most wonderful adventures ever written, hanging out for the day, or if I got lost, perhaps even the week.


And where would I begin, with the classics, the new age or perhaps the modernists? Ms. Woolf has been calling me to me of late.  Yes, I do believe that with a pot of tea (or several) this would be the perfect Monday indeed.

What's your perfect Monday?

Much Love

Images - 1. From Red Uk, October 2007 via  Simply Hue 2.  Via Double Breasted Dust Jacket by Fernando Onions, 3. Bdan swenson

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Flea Market Finds..

Happy Flea Market Finds day! Coming a little later than usual today as I was spent the day  photographing a local band playing live on the radio.  Much fun indeed! Now I'm back, I can't wait to check out everyone's finds this week.  Thanks so much for playing along last week and for your lovely comments on my chairs.  Check out all the wonderful finds from last week over here.

This week I've been mainly thrifting for bit and pieces for some new accessories designs I'm working on and a whole bunch of yellow for the school swimming carnival this week.  Whilst hunting around I did spot of few treasures but find of the week was actually a gift from my dear friend Moana.  

Moana tracked down this gorgeous red typewriter in a little second hand store out of town.  Aren't I lucky, I've always wanted a red typewriter. This week I found this little table, pretty tin, vase and a tiny little deer napkin ring which I thought was really sweet.

I also found this lovely vintage style shift dress which I can't wait to pair with tights and boots for winter. 

I can't wait to see your finds from the week!  To play along just leave a comment and add your flea market blog post link in the Linky below so we can all check out your goodies. It would be just so sweet of you to link back here from your blog too, so that others can play along.  Remember you can play any time during the week! Oh and pop over to Apron Thrift Girl for Thrift Share Monday.  Please feel free to upload your fabulous finds to the Flea Market Finds flickr pool too.   

Happy Thrifting!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Little Things..

Jack's ginger ears always make me smile..
 he reminds me of a little ewok.

Today I made a promise to myself to always keep an eye out for the little things.. for that is where beauty truly  can be found.


Happy Weekend..

Image via Wedding Ideas & Help
Happy Weekend! What are your weekend plans? I think I've just been very inspired by these lovely teapots.  One can never have too many teapots, especially when they are full of blossoming flowers.  I know what I will be thrifting for over the coming weeks.  My plans this weekend are to sew, sew, sew! With quite a few new ideas in the works and many little creations to make, my little studio is certainly be bustling this weekend. So here a few of my favourite links to enjoy on this lovely Saturday afternoon.

This very sweet little blog

Giant puzzle pieces (what fun!)

Totally sweet wooden embroidered jewellery

A very clever wall planner

The cutest dress around..

Have a wonderful, creative weekend!
Much Love

Friday, 25 February 2011

Friday Details..

The details that have inspired my week..

Stripes, unusual teapots and journal pages.

Blossoming roses and teal walls.

Rainbow spools of thread and pretty books at Fine & Sunny.

Wishing you a lovely Friday night.  Can't wait for the weekend!

Shopping in Mildura - fine & sunny

So often I talk about lovely little shops I visit around Mildura and as we are a little too far away for many of you to take a day trip to visit, I thought I'd bring some of my favourites to you.  Over the next month or so, I'll be sharing some of the gorgeous local shops I like to meander though on the weekend.  

So first up, is one of the newest and sweetest shops in town, fine & sunny.  Sisters Shell and Annie opened in November last year and have filled their quirky and delightful shop with all the things they love, featuring many goodies by talented Australian designers and artists. 

As soon as you walk in, you feel at home.  There is something gorgeous to look at in every corner and as I wandered around taking photos, I kept on squealing to Shell, 'oh I just love this' at everything I picked up.  From terracotta pots, to industrial filing drawers Shell and Annie's unique styling creates delightful treasure hunts in every corner. 

It is a shop where you could buy something for your Mum, your sister, or your best friend and also find the most perfect delights for yourself. 

From stationery to ceramics, handbags, jewellery and more there is something for everyone at fine and sunny, even the boys.  Some of their treasures include Mud ceramics, Saltwater sandals, Frankie books, accessories from Pigionhole and That Vintage and stationery from Little Jane St, Ask Alice and my favourite MT Tape (which I have used in my header image).  Shell and Annie also find their stock locally, including the super cute heart and flower cookies in the window display created by Hungry Kitty.  Shell loves that fine & sunny deals directly with the creators of their products and feels it makes the experience so much more personal for their customers.  

The girls are so sweet and friendly, every time I go in to the store, I want to pull up a chair and have a cup of tea.  There is just something about fine & sunny that is special.  Shell and Annie love working together and as we chatted away, with Angus and Julia Stone playing in the background, I did feel fine and sunny indeed.

If you are ever in Mildura, you must pop in and check out this precious shop, that I promise will leave you feeling fine and sunny too, hopefully with a bag full of goodies. For shop updates and more stop by the fine and sunny blog.

Happy Friday
Much Love

Thursday, 24 February 2011

My Creative Space..

Well this week, you almost have to drag me away from my creative space. I just adore my new studio and got totally lost in ideas and fabric the other night, until my lovely puppy dog Jack reminded me it was dinner time.  As I mentioned on Tuesday, I wanted to share the little secrets of my creative space, especially my favourite feature, the very comfortable day bed.

 My little studio.. full of special hiding spots.

Under the day bed is the bathtub, perfect storage... And taking the idea of the 'fabric library' I've divided my fabric up into an archive (in the storage box) of fabrics I'm not working with and current fabrics in the basket for easy access. So far this little system is working quite well.  

Sorting buttons, well that's another story entirely.  I must say I've given up on dividing them by colour and now have them stored wherever I can.  But one of my favourites is this lovely vintage toffee tin I thrifted on Monday. I kind of love the search for the perfect button.

On my desk today, a sneak peek into my little inspiration notebook and a new project I've just started working on, playing with ideas and colours for some vintage inspired cushions. I must say, this little studio is very inspiring indeed. 

Pop over to Kirsty's to check out many more lovely creative spaces.

Much Love

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Tale of Two Chairs..

As promised on Sunday.. This is the tale of a little thrifting fate and how I came to acquire two very special chairs.  

As usual my hubby and I headed down to the local tip shop, Around Again on Saturday morning in search for some crates to for my studio.  As we wondered in, the bumped into our good friends, a delightful couple who we had been thrifting with the week before.  We got talking about an amazing lounge setting in the good room, that they had just been look at.  Of course we all dashed back in and I'm sure you could hear me gasp from miles away.  There in front of us was the most lovely vintage lounge and armchairs, the perfect colour I'd been on the look out for, in amazing condition. We started joking, perhaps we could buy them.. but what would we do with a whole set? I started looking around at other things, but I kept coming back to the suite. This was certainly not an everyday find.

We chatted a little longer, and realised we just couldn't leave without this treasure.  It was almost too good to be true.  Then we somehow stumbled upon an idea.... We could go halves in the setting.  They buy the lounge and we buy the arm chairs.  It was perfect and just what we all wanted.  Of course we all laughed at the prospect of going home with half a setting but then one thing led to another.  A few phone calls to borrow a ute, a little haggling on price, a whole lot more laughing at the craziness of what we were doing and within half an hour they were ours. I love my thrifting friends! Without a doubt my best flea market find ever.

As yet, I'm still working on the perfect home for my chairs, but I've very inspired now to get working on my next renovation, the lounge room.  

Much Love

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Thoughts and Love..

image via  charlotteballesteros

My thoughts and prayers go out to our beautiful neighbours over in New Zealand, after today's tragedy.  I have been overwhelmed by the devastating images on tonight's news and just want to send my love to all those affected. 


My New Studio - A Tour..

Welcome to my little studio.. which once was our little cottage's original 'outside bathroom'.  We had been using it for storage and the occasional bath, until one evening whilst staring at the beautiful condition of the original Murray pine floor boards, I realised it would make the perfect little studio hideout.

Before - with original sink and bath.. 

Every wall was painted teal, which I liked, but it made the already tiny space very dark.  So I decided to paint two walls white and leave the feature wall with the bath the lovely teal.  With a little clever thinking, we turned the bath into a day bed which is also ideal for storage and I got to keep the quirky taps on the wall.  

After - My Little Studio - complete with thrifted desk and new day bed.

View from the day bed.. I love the little windows and just had to turn my recently thrifted scarf into a sweet curtain. Without any shelving, boxes and crates made the perfect storage solution. 

The little reading nook and original sink.. Perfect for an afternoon cup of tea and an adventure to Wonderland.

The little details on my desk.. 

After a full weekend's work, three coats of paint, a morning of thrifting, and an afternoon of decorating, I can now start creating.  And I can't wait, I honestly feel like I did when I was six years old and my Dad built me my very own tree house.  Virgina Woolf was right, a woman really does need a room of her own.  Pop by on Thursday to check out my little studio secrets, including the crazy bath/day bed storage system.  

Much Love

Monday, 21 February 2011

Things to love on a Monday..

Here are a few things that I love on this charming Monday morning..

Lisa Cooper's inspiring work space..

Pairing pretty heels with a great pair of jeans. 

The divine home of Emily Chalmers..

Everything about this beautiful photo, especially the pink rose and matching hair.

Happy Monday, may yours bring some lovely unexpected delights.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

My New Studio - a Sneak Peek..

Well my new studio is nearly complete and I'm just so delighted! Here is a little key to the door, why don't you pop in for a sneak peek. 

Welcome, here is just a little look into my new space... notice anything interesting? Yes, they are taps on the wall.  You see before my little renovation, my studio was the house's original outside bathroom (sink and bath). With some creative thinking and a very helpful husband, it has undertaken quite a transformation to become my new workspace.  

Stay tuned for a full tour on Tuesday! I just can't wait to get in there and start creating.


Flea Market Finds..

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend has been fabulous so far and full of treasure hunts.  Thank you so much to everyone who played along last week! It is so inspiring to see everyone's finds and I it just makes me so excited for my next thrifting adventure.  To check out all of last weeks finds, just pop over here.

This week was quite amazing for thrifting, I think second hand fates were shining down on me. I actually ended up on three thrifting outings throughout the week, two of which I found some lovely little bits and pieces.  The third outing, my regular Saturday adventure, I was meant to be look for storage.  In the process I stumbled across a little shop that made my heart race a little faster, full of amazing treasures and then at the tip shop, Around Again thanks to the thrifting fairies and some great friends I was able to bring home my favourite find ever.

Here are my sweet little finds from my first two thrifting trips.. A stash of pretty scraves, the sweetest little yellow teapot and mismatched milk jug, a pyrex dish (something I've been on the lookout for), a little Japanese vase, pastel soup mugs and some lovely knitting needles.  

And here is a little sneak peek at my favourite ever find.. The thrifting story behind this pair of amazing chairs is one that needs it's own post and I can't wait to show them to you in detail later on in the week, once the I've found the perfect spot for them. I still can't quite believe someone would throw them away.

I also found a few things for my new studio which I can't wait to share very soon!

I can't wait to see your finds from the week!  To play along just leave a comment and add your flea market blog post link in the Linky below so we can all check out your goodies. It would be just so sweet of you to link back here from your blog too, so that others can play along.  Remember you can play any time during the week! Oh and pop over to Apron Thrift Girl for Thrift Share Monday.  Please feel free to upload your fabulous finds to the Flea Market Finds flickr pool too.   

Happy Thrifting!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Happy Weekend - My 700th Post

Happy Weekend! I hope you have some delightful plans, we do and I'm so excited.  I won't give too much away just yet, but it does involve a renovation makeover and a new studio space! We are going thrifting this morning and will be hoping to find some cute storage crates and maybe even a desk (fingers crossed).  

 And I also noticed this morning that this is my 700th blog post! I can't quite believe it, it's past by so quickly.  If this is the first post you have ever read, or your 50th or even 700th (although if you have read all 700 you need a big prize), I just want to say thank you so much.  Without your support, beautiful kind words and participation in my crazy antics, Her Library Adventures you not be same.  So today, I thought I might share a few links and thoughts about my little blog.

My blog is about to celebrate it's 3rd birthday on the 28th of March.

I named my blog Her Library Adventures because I originally began it when I was volunteering at a library and I loved getting lost in the isles of books each afternoon.

I began my blog after being inspired by Anna Spiro's gorgeous design blog, Absolutely Beautiful Things. You can read my very innocent first blog post here.

My blog has seen three makeovers, one house move, the adventures of my little business Sophie Isobel Designs, documents my life since I moved to Mildura and all my thrifting adventures.

I have always kept the same profile picture of my favourite pair of vintage heels.

One of my very favourite blog posts is, My Cubby House.  I wish I could make one every weekend.

Because of my little blog, I know the exact date I learned to crochet, the day I made my first Etsy sale and I met so many wonderful, creative people who inspire me daily.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
And as always thank you for stopping by, it means the world to me.
Much Love

Thursday, 17 February 2011

My Creative Space..

This week's creative space, is my often messy but always creative little desk.  If you ask my hubby, my creative space stretches over the entire house most days, but today I managed to get it most of it into one spot.  And as always, it is filled with all my usual happenings.

I feel my work space is never quite complete without fresh flowers from the garden and a magazine or two.  The very sweet cupcake illustration was drawn for me by a dear friend.

My desk would also not be complete without my inspiration journal and well worn blog moleskine that sits by the computer and to catch all my random blogging thoughts and ideas.  My precious little pencil case if from Tabitha Emma.

Also on my desk is a new batch of 1960's inspired brooches, waiting to be sewn for a lovely stockist.

And my favourite item on the desk right now, my new postcards.  My very clever graphic designer created these lovely postcards for me based on my ramblings about loving vintage stamps, old letters and ephemera.  I just adore them!

For many gorgeous and inspiring spaces, pop over to the very creative Kirsty.

Much Love

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Little Library Adventure..


This afternoon this is where I would love to be.. huddled in this lovely chair surrounded by a world of beautiful words, escaping on a little library adventure.


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My favourite Tent..

And how beautifully precious is Sophie and Olivia's tent in The Holiday.  I watched it again recently and realised that every time I see this scene, I begin scheming of a little extra space and enough lovely vintage linen to create this masterpiece. I think everyone needs a perfectly pretty tent.


Monday, 14 February 2011

My Valentine..

My Valentine and I have shared eight precious Valentine's together.  We are not traditional celebrators, but rather find delight in just sharing in another special day together.  There will not be a red rose in sight, except for those in the garden, although chocolate will be on the menu thanks to a little inspiration from Miss Nigella.  This year, I thought I'd make us a heart, a little celebration of our love.  On it, added 'our poem' by Rumi, which we shared on our wedding day.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Much Love
PS. This week I'm joining in with Much Love Monday.  What a perfect fit!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

I need a Fabric Library..

I was asked the other day if my house was made of fabric and typewriters.  As I looked around this evening, it could have been very true indeed.  Everywhere I turned, I found another little mountain of fabric.  Annie from Fine and Sunny calls her collection a 'fabric library'. I only wish my stash was all folded, categorized and shelved.  How do you keep your fabric stash under control? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks.


Flea Market Finds..

Happy Sunday my thrifting friends! How has your week been? I do hope you have found a moment to head out to an op shop or two.  Perhaps even a fabulous garage sale and for those lucky enough, a flea market.  Thanks so much for playing along last week, I love seeing new faces and all your finds just get better and better each week! Pop over here to check out all of last week's finds.

So have you ever had a thrifting experience when you are driving along and just feel you have to stop and check a little op shop out.  This happened to me on Thursday afternoon and I couldn't believe my luck when I noticed a little sign saying $1.00 for all ladies clothing.  It's all about playing dress ups this week!

I just couldn't leave without this 1960's dress.  With a little restyling it will be perfect for winter.

And this vintage shirt too.  I love the little bow, and the sweet paisley pattern. I also found the never worn grey heels for $5 and the cute leather handbag for $3.  All together a pretty cute outfit for a grand total  of $9.

I can't wait to see your finds from the week!  To play along just leave a comment and add your flea market blog post link in the Linky below so we can all check out your goodies. It would be just so sweet of you to link back here from your blog too, so that others can play along.  Remember you can play any time during the week! Oh and pop over to Apron Thrift Girl for Thrift Share Monday.  Please feel free to upload your fabulous finds to the Flea Market Finds flickr pool too.   

Happy Thrifting!