Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Making Me Smile..

Arrietty's bedroom (check out the beautiful film trailer here)..

A whole rack of beautiful Naughty Shorts dresses..


This pretty teal shop front..

Everything about this outfit..

This lovely outfit illustration..


And this perfect tea cup..

What's making you smile today?


My Life List..

A few months ago, I was really inspired by Erin from Design For Mankind to write a life list.  As an epic list maker, it occurred to me that it was the one list I hadn't actually written down, so ever since I've compiling my list in the back of my notebook.  I love the idea of having a list I can always come back to, filled with all my dreams, from the tiny and seemingly ordinary to the random and life changing.. here is my top 50 so far (in no particular order).

My Life List..

1. Visit the Flea Markets in Paris
2. Read The Iliad and The Odyssey
3. Open Wilde Asher online in early 2012
4. Organise my music collection
5. Open a bricks and mortar shop
6. Write an e-Course
7. Practice Yoga daily
8. Spend a month without a phone or computer
9. Take a life drawing class
10. Learn to drive a manual car
11. Own a vintage caravan
12.  Take a University course in Art history
13. Camp the night on a cliff face
14. Bake a batch of shortbread using Isobel's recipe
15. Curate an art exhibition
16. Publish a book before I'm 30
17. Write a series of zines
18. Take singing lessons
19. Buy film for my Polariod cameras
20. Teach English in a foreign country
21. Volunteer at a thrift shop
22. Own a yellow Kombi
23. Walk over Shibuya crossing
24. Work at Shakespeare and Company in Paris
25. Take a contemporary dance class
26. Learn to stilt walk
27. Sew a Summer dress
28. Collect vintage copies of The Secret Garden
29. Read War and Peace
30. Learn to juggle
31. Submit an article to Frankie magazine
32. Complete my Masters degree
33. Go surfing in Byron Bay
34. Work as a stylist
35. Own a home by the beach
36. Plant a vegetable garden
37. Make a beaded daisy chain
38. Finish a 1000 piece puzzle
39. Learn about cloud formations
40. Spend a whole day reading a book 
41. Find the perfect pair of red heels
42. Read through my old journals
43. Write monthly letters to my grandmother
44. Make a short film
45. Learn The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock off by heart
46. Thrift a pink typewriter
47. Crochet a blanket for our bed
48. Watch an episode of The Care Bears
49. Have a tarot reading
50. Learn to speak French

Much Love

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Festive Journal Pages..

So I spent a little while this afternoon, some of my Christmas clippings and searching through my favourite magazines for inspiring ideas.  I love to be able to see all the things that are inspiring me in one place and visualise colours and style merging together, so creating collages in my inspiration journal means everything is in one spot for easy reference.  It's also a lovely spot to keep recipes and quotes..

This quote is my inspiration this Christmas..

Do you have a spot for all your favourite festive inspiration?

DIY - Dream Catcher Vase..

Yes, my love for recycling glass jars continues on from my last lantern DIY.. today I thought I'd share a lovely way to dress up tall glass bottles with a little spray paint to make these fun and festive vases.

What You'll Need:  A tall glass bottle, spray paint in two contrasting colours, one doily (make sure it is big enough to cover the bottle) and also has large pretty pattern and some tape (scissors optional).

1. Using a lighter coloured spray paint, evenly coat the bottle and leave in the sun to dry. (Note: Be sure to work outside when using spray paint) Being a a little bit impatient, I love using quick dry spray paint.  

2. Once the bottle is dry, lay the doily over the bottle and keep it in place using a piece of tape on the bottom of the bottle.  Keep the bottle flat and lightly spray over the doily.  Try adding a little bit at a time to build up the colour, this will help to stop the paint from running. Leave the bottle to dry in the sun.

3. Carefully peel the doily away when the paint is touch dry to reveal your pattern.

Ta da! 

4. Once the doily is dry you can reuse it quite a few times.  Try using a variety of bottles and colours to create different affects. Depending on the width of the bottle you can add flowers, feathers or even LED tea lights (they look so pretty).  

I just love using spray paint, it transforms just about anything! These vases would look so pretty in white and gold paint for Christmas or in bright fun colours for summer parties. So next time your about to pop your glass bottles in the recycling, leave them out, clean off the labels and get painting! 

Happy Making!
Much Love

PS.  Here are a few answers to questions from the Festive Lantern DIY

How thick was the wire you used? - I used floristry wire which was about 1mm thick.  I twisted it together to give it more strength.  The great thing about floristry wire is how flexible it is.  Just ensure you secure it tightly if you are going to hang the lantern. 

Where do you find LED tea lights? - Thanks to some clever spotting from my hubby, I found the LED tea lights in a $2 store.  I'm pretty sure most bargain store would stock them, but you might need to hunt around.  We found ours near the gardening section.

How tall are the jars you used? - My little jars were about 8 - 10cms tall and were originally pesto jars.  If you pop down the pasta sauce supermarket isle and check out the bottles you will find some really pretty shapes, perfect for lanterns.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Under the Spell of Summer..

This afternoon as I was pacing the hall at work, supervising an exam I began to daydream about beautiful summer afternoons. Ever since I found the fabulous girls from Spell and the Gypsy share their gorgeous bohemian images on Instagram and Tumblr, I can't help but find my imagination wandering, through the warm Byron Bay sand towards the clear blue ocean.. under the spell of an endless Summer.

Pop over here to check out Spell's blog where you can find all their links, including gorgeous their online shop and be swept up in the magic.


What I Wore.. A 1940s Sunday

Dress:  1940s Original from Stella Dallas NYC   Shoes: Rivers
Belt: Thrifted  Tights: Cotton On  Flower: From the garden

Yesterday was the most beautiful Spring day, for the first weekend in weeks the weather was mild and perfect for tights and sleeves.  As I was getting into the Christmas spirit and had been waiting for an opportunity to wear one of my favourite vintage finds from New York, this 1940s cotton dress with original glass buttons.  The unusual fabric and fabulous colour caught my eye amongst all the beautiful dress at Stella Dallas and as soon as I tried it on, I wondered if  I was born in the wrong era.  There is something so special about wearing a piece with such wonderful history and I had such a delightful morning venturing around town feeling very vintage indeed.  

Much Love

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Flea Market Finds..

Happy Sunday! I do hope you are having a wonderful weekend have been enjoying some lovely moments with family, friends and other fabulous things! FMF is a little late again today as we have been on another thrifting adventure this morning, this time to find some bits and pieces to make our own Christmas tree! Can't wait to show you when it's finished.  Did you check out all the wonderful finds from last week? You can see them all over here.  

This week I had a most lovely time thrifting indeed.  On each outing I found some wonderful bits and pieces to add to my kitchen collections, including come Johnson and Pyrex love.  

Some sweet Pyrex dishes and I'm loving this pretty blue Bessemer plate..

Some fabulous Johnson love.. Lots of floral prints and my first Johnson tea pot

Some pretty gold Pyrex love..

And one of my favourite finds for the week, a lovely yellow retro kettle for our kitchen..

I'd love to know what you found this week.  To play along just leave a comment and add your flea market blog post link in the Linky below so we can all check out your goodies. It would be just so sweet of you to link back here from your blog too, so that others can play along.  Remember you can play any time during the week! Oh and pop over to Apron Thrift Girl for Thrift Share Monday.  Please feel free to upload your fabulous finds to the Flea Market Finds flickr pool too.   Looking forward to seeing all of your lovely thrifty pictures. If the Linky disappears, just refresh your browser.

Happy Thrifting

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Johnson of Australia Love..

My dear thrifting friends, I have to share my current obsession with you.. I think I have a crush on Johnson of Australia crockery.  It began a little while back, just with the odd plate here and there, then I found a few cute sugar bowls and tea cups and my love began to blossom.  And now I've become a thrifter under a spell, searching high and low through stacks of stoneware for perfect Johnson plate.  My latest obsession.. to find a lids for my sugar bowls.  And today I found my first tea pot.. You see I think it could be love.

I'm just fascinated by all the lovely different patterns and styles. I wonder how many there are. I feel like a treasure hunter in search for Johnson gold on each thrifty outing.  

So I'd love to know.. do you collect Johnson crockery? What's your favourite pattern? Have you taken photos? Add a link to your comment I'd love to have a look.  Let's rejoice together in Johnson love!


Happy Weekend..

The happiest of Saturdays to you my friends! I hope you are having a wonderful day, I can't believe how fast my day has past me by. It has been filled with a hair colour, a very successful thrifting trip, a fabulous girly lunch and a spot of dress shopping! How much more fun can one have on a Saturday.  Now I'm making a yummy apple crumble to take a lovely dinner party tonight.  I just love relaxing cooking on a Saturday afternoon. What are you up to this weekend? Here are some lovely links that you might enjoy with a cup of tea on this lovely Saturday afternoon.

This beautifully inspiring floral workshop

This dreamy tumblr page

This collared dress makes me happy

How cute are these nails

The place to find perfect hair tutorials

These perfect summer shoes - in every colour

How to stack your Pyrex perfectly

These most delightful wedding shoes

Much Love

Lovely print by Anek available on Etsy

Friday, 25 November 2011

What are you reading?

Right now I'm dreaming about the Christmas holidays, a whole summer to catch up on a years worth of reading.  Being an English and Literature teacher, people always imagine I spend my life with my nose in a book, but it seems what I spend much of my time reading for work and University rather than for pleasure.  So right now I'm compiling a summer reading list and I'd love your help. What are you reading right now? What have you loved this year? What's the best book you have ever read?

 I'd love to hear all about your literary favourites and can't wait to put together my reading list.
Happy Friday!

Much Love

PS. Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely American friends. I do hope you have a beautiful day celebrating with you family and friends.

Image still from Alice in Wonderland via

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Things I Love.. Thursday

Things I love.. Mustard and polka dots teamed with a vintage flower brooch and seeing my my Media students work in an art gallery. I'm also loving, this fabulous webisode, this nail polish collection, this yummy cupcake recipe, this beautiful bohemian summer photoshoot and this gorgeous calendar.

What are you loving today?

Home Tour - Living Room.

Since the day we moved in, the living room was the one room I really wanted to change.  The walls were pink, the fireplace was all blocked over and very over powering and the whole room felt really dark.  The beautiful high ceilings and pressed tin roof are such a unique feature, I always found it difficult to decide what direction to take the room in.  When we found our lovely arm chairs earlier this year, I knew they would become the focus of the room and with this in mind I began to gather bits and pieces inspired my husband's love for nature and science mixed with my secret yearning to live in a lighthouse or in the captain's quarters of the Black Pearl. I feel like this room will continue to evolve as we find more treasures, but for now this is our little nook.

Our eclectic collection of furniture has evolved from mixing our personal styles and always managing to find a preloved piece or two when out thrifting.  Besides the beloved chairs, my favourite piece in the room is the TV stand, which is a handmade artist's work bench we bought for $10.  We use the suitcases underneath to store all our music and films.  

The fireplace is part of the room's evolution.  At the moment we have left it raw and added a few logs and candles.  I love seeing the the original bricks which are now over eighty years old.  


I finally found a little spot for my part of my camera collection.  I have a few more scattered around the house but it's lovely to finally see them all coming together..

This is my first home with a real fire place and I just adore having a place to create little ever changing vignettes which often include bunches of feathers (I'm a bit of a feather collector).

This vignette tells a little tale of a girl searching for the sea.. I found the lantern at the tip, the framed image is from a magazine and the lovely piece of knotted wood I picked up by the river.  

I'm loving our work in progress living room and can't wait to add a few more interesting and peculiar pieces to the shelves and walls.

Much Love

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Wish List..

So last night, I may have been getting into the Christmas spirit, just a little bit.. Ok, I admit it, I was listening to Christmas carols, dreaming up decoration ideas and making myself a super fun ultimate Christmas Wish List. .

Top to Bottom:  1. Anchor Necklace from Gorman 2. A pink Royal Typewriter 3. A pair of gold glitter Oxfords 4. A powder blue bicycle 5. Perfect 1920s finger waves 6. A vintage copy of I Married Adventure 7. A 1960s yellow Volkswagen Kombi..

This was so much fun, I think I might have to make a few more!
What's on your ultimate wish list this year?

Much Love

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A new page to call home..

I've been keeping a journal in some form or another since I was ten years old and the one part of the process that has always fascinated me is ending one journal and beginning a new one.  I have often explained it like moving house, or perhaps taking off on a new adventure with only a satchel and your camera on your side.

This month after two years, I finally finished my beloved Moleskine journal.  It is filled with so many memories, moments and thoughts, it was bitter sweet writing the very last page.  But it is delightful to begin something new and I was so excited to start my writing on the crisp pages of my leather journal which my husband gave me as a graduation present me six years ago.  

The beautiful part of this journal is not only the pretty gold edges, but the journal itself is an insert, so I get to use the beautiful leather cover forever.  It has already seen two journals filled within its covers and even a trip to Paris. I can't wait to see what adventures my journal will take this time around.

So, like any new home.. today I began to move in.

First I celebrated my 'journal warming' with a bunch of roses.. 

Then I made the bed and added some inspiring art..

 And finally the pages began to take shape, warm, crinkled, inviting and the perfect place to begin a new journey.

How do you begin a new journal?

My Adventure..

Yesterday I found myself meandering through the afternoon, deep in my imagination, where I often like to explore.  As I was daydreaming I began to make notes and at the top of my page I wrote a little question.. Who am I.  And so I wondered for a little while.. and this is was my answer.

I'm the girl who is constantly making lists,
who likes to create her world into tiny vignettes and feels incomplete without a pen close by.

I'm the girl who collects your grandmother's crockery, who loves afternoon sunshine and the smell of incense dancing with frangpanis as the sun sets.

I'm the girl who lives in her own world and is often told that she took the wrong turn along the yellow brick road between Oz and  the rabbit hole to Wonderland.

I'm the girl who one day dreams of living in a lighthouse on a tiny island with a beautiful vegetable garden and a pretty little shed to potter in.  

And I'm the girl that decided yesterday that I would love a 1963 yellow slip screen Volkswagen Kombi to take on adventures. For what is more exciting than a brand new adventure?

 What is your next adventure?
Much Love

Quote inspired by this lovely little film

Entertain! Giveaway Winner..

A big thank you  to everyone who entered Entertain! Giveaway.  I'm so delighted to be able to share such a lovely new book with you.  

Congratulations to Dabbling All Day, you are the winner of a lovely copy of Entertain!. I will be in touch very soon. 

Happy Tuesday!
I do hope you are having a lovely start to the week.  Be sure to stay tuned for a fabulous Christmas inspired giveaway coming soon.

Much Love


Monday, 21 November 2011

Afternoon Reading.. Inside Out

Every year around this time, I wait in anticipation for one of my very favourite magazines of the year, the Inside Out Christmas issue.  Filled with the most amazing homes, beautiful DIY projects and wonderfully eclectic ideas for the holiday season, Inside Out is a must have magazine for fabulous Christmas inspiration.  

What I love about Inside Out is there there is not a spot of traditional green and red in sight.  Instead each page allows you to think outside the box about decorating with simple tips to create a relaxing and beautifully festive home.

My favourite article from this beautiful issue, is Fleur Wood's magical Christmas, filled with gorgeous recipes and these fabulous pom poms that are sure to fill any house with festivity. 

I'm also loving these gorgeous creative ideas for a modern twist on traditional wreaths and stockings. 

And my favourite page just has to be.. the ever inspiring Glen Proebstel's  incredible Christmas table setting inspired by brilliant blooms, vibrancy and abundance.  How perfectly inspiring for my colourful theme this Christmas.

So if you are in need of some afternoon reading for a little Christmas inspiration, pick yourself up a copy of Inside Out , find a lovely spot to relax and enjoy all the beautiful ideas on offer.  You can find out more information about Inside Out over here and be sure to check out their gorgeous blog and Facebook page too, for lots of daily treats.


What I Wore.. Just Because


Dress: Naughty Shorts  Shoes: Dotti
Belt: Sportsgirl  Flower: From the garden

After receiving my gorgeous Naughty Shorts dress in the mail on Thursday, I just couldn't resist taking it for an outing to the river yesterday afternoon.  There is something so enchanting about the old paddle streamers that meander down the Murray under the cascading willow trees, I just love wandering along the banks on a Sunday afternoon.  And what better way to spend a few hours than watching the world go by a perfect summer dress..

What's your favourite spot to spend the afternoon?