Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A Perfect Afternoon for Summer Reading..

When the afternoon sun is warm and inviting and there are a few free moments in the day, it's hard to resist a perfect afternoon picnic* and some lovely summer reading material.  Right now I'm just adoring the January issue of Country Style magazine, I've always been a fan of this lovely publication but I think that this issue is my all time favourite.  From the gorgeous pink and yellow cover sprinkled with bunting, daisies and a charming retro bike, to the inspiring homes, gorgeous articles and projects, it's quite perfect indeed.  Here are a few of my favourite articles.

The beautiful Blue Mountains cottage on the cover had me smiling from ear to ear.  Jane and Michael Frosh's home is so warm and inviting, filled with bold colours, quirky features and some amazing vintage finds.  Of course, the feature I love most about their home is Carrie the caravan which serves as guest accommodation. How delightful!

Like the Blue Mountains cottage, quilt maker Kathryn Brain's charming Bellarine Peninsula home is brimming with colour and bespoke charm.  Kathryn's eye of detail can been seen both in her Maggie and Sparrow quilt designs and throughout her home.  Mismatched tea cups, wild roses and a most gorgeous set of vintage canisters caught my attention and drew me into the family's eclectic and joyful world.  It seems Kathryn is a fan of yellow Saltwater sandals too!

Is there anything quite as enchanting as a seaside village bookshop?  Especially when the owner writes handwritten reviews and ties them to his favourite books.  Little nooks for coffee, fresh flowers and bundles of books tied up with string...  The Whistling Fish Bookshop and Coffee House looks like the perfect place to me. 

This issue of Country Style is also filled with some wonderful weekend projects, including great DIYs for teacup candles and pet cushions (something I must make!)

If you are in need of some charming and inspiring afternoon reading the January issue of Country Style is not to be missed! You can find information on their website and also find them on Facebook.

I do hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!
Much Love

* Note: Not all my afternoon picnics look like this (although I wish they did!). The gorgeous colours in this month's issue helped to inspire my version of the perfect picnic.


  1. i've loved this months edition too! was the perfect flight entertainment. always a good read.

  2. I agree Sophie...great issue :)

  3. Looks like the perfect afternoon! And some great reading material! I'd never heard of that magazine but based on these glimpses will definitely check it out!

  4. Hello! Thanks for the house love! come over and visit my blog where there are more pics of the house and my styling! xxx Jane frosh xxx

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  6. This is lovely in so many ways! I love that caravan! I'll have to pick up an issue, for sure. Your photos are gorgeous-- that green grass is magical.

  7. omg these are such fun photos.
    i love all the great colors and looks like so relaxing.

    xoxo katlin

  8. Looks like a fantastic day to me!!

  9. Gosh, I wish I would have been there for a perfect picnic... Your photos are amazing!
    Being in bed with a bad cold, is missing this athmosphere.

  10. thank you SOOOO much!!!! you've made my day, i saw the bunny pattern in this mag over a coffee one day recently and couldn't for the life of me remember what magazine it was and which coffee shop i'd seen it in to go back again for a look!!!! i've been pondering over it all week. and dying to make some of those bunnies:))) YEH:)

  11. Oh how lovely! What a super way to spend the afternoon. Love those sandals, but for me they would need to be pink - I'm too pale to wear yellow!

  12. What a lovely blog! Loving everything about it!

    Dasha Gold
    Follow me if you like my blog ;) I am following you on Bloglovin


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