Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Making Us Smile.. Peaches & Cream

This fabulous peach table adds the perfect pop of colour to any room..

A gorgeous touch to this wedding cake..

A beautiful daily reminder..

The dress, the feathers, the location.. could it get more perfect..

Really loving everything about these sunglasses..

And it's always hard to resist a vintage caravan, especially on this pretty.

What's making you smile today?
Much Love
Sophie & Annie

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  1. those sunglasses are a DREAM, that console table is just perfection, and i'll take a slice of that cake right now!

  2. I like a lot this color, nice inspiration

  3. I inspected a little vintage van (to buy) just today Sophie, seeing the van in your blog has filled me with excitement and anticipation :)

  4. The globe with peach table and the sunnies - eeek!


  5. I love that caravan so so much!


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