Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Making Us Smile.. Touches of Pink

Loving this gorgeous summer outfit, the shoes and the perfect pink wall

The most lovely stash of inspiring fabric patterns

The perfect girls lunch.. Love the setting and their outfits!

And these sweet paper garlands.. Would love to make these for a party.

What's making you smile today?
Much Love
Sophie & Annie

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  1. I adore the shoes in the first pic and love that print. It's funny 'cause it's true, every girl *is* a superhero sometimes!

  2. All of these are stunning! And they made me well as the 3 year old in my ballet class telling me "Miss Lindsay, you are surely a pincess because you are bootiful, kind, and have lots of freckles..." BIG smile to last me all day!

  3. I would love to have that whole stash of fabric. And I would love to be a part of that lunch!

  4. what's making me smile is the fact that Friday is 2 days away

  5. every girl is a super hero sometimes..... LOVE THAT

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  6. I'm new to your blog and I love that I came across you! I love this post and all the colors and patterns (especially the little quote about girl superheros!) Thanks for sharing :)


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