Saturday, 2 June 2012

Happy Weekend..

Happy Weekend everyone! My what a busy week it's been, I'm certainly looking forward to a couple of days to unwind, get organised and get into the spirit of winter.  I'm starting this morning with a thrifting adventure and a stop to catch up with my favourite girls for coffee.  After that I think there will be some crafting on the agenda as well as keeping warm and cozy. What are you up to this weekend? Need a little inspiration? Why don't you...

Make some delightful cinnamon waffles for breakfast
Get inspired to go bold with your nail polish
Bake some super cute cross-stitch cookies
Add some pretty flowers to your up do
Get inspired to pop the kettle on and watch the world go by
Check out this gorgeous magazine
Wear a gorgeous yellow dress to brighten you day
Make this amazing looking pizza for dinner

Much Love

Inspiring artwork by the amazing Bri at designlovefest


  1. Hello, I'm so pleased to have found your blog, it's a delight. hope your weekend is super cosy and creative xox Penelope

  2. You have a great blog.. keep on giving inspirations..

    xoxo ela..
    Color Me Ela


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