Thursday, 13 December 2012


Since packing up our lives in Mildura and heading home to family in Brisbane, the last few months have been quite an unravelling series of events.  As we drove out of town towing our little caravan Asher behind us, we really weren't sure what we were moving to.  Reflecting on it now, some days I find it hard to believe we found the strength in one another to even make it over the Murray River.  

As a little Cancerian, I feel it's in my nature to want to take my home where ever I go.  It seems to help me ground my emotions and find my place in the world, no matter the situation.  So it was lovely to spend a short time living in Asher, in her original condition.  Being able to add homely touches, images and bits and pieces that we both loved seemed to make our transition that little bit easier. 

When we finally made it to Brisbane our situation changed again and we have moved into a lovely room under my parents home, while we settle into our new lives and decide where it is we really want to be.  The transition from feeling like we were on holidays to realising that we were not going home did not come easily at first.  I longed for our little cottage, for a space to call my own.  But after a few long talks, accompanied by much meandering around our new local streets, Ben and I came to feel that as long as we were together, we were home, no matter shape it took. All of a sudden the lyrics to Edward Sharp's gorgeous song, Home, resonate in a way I never quite imagined.  

So I sit here write this in our room we are calling home for right now.  I may not have the space of a whole house, but I've still managed to included some of our favourite artwork and a typewriter or two.  Above is my favourite vignette, featuring some of our collected treasures and my beautiful Beatnik Rabbit by Cat Rabbit.  Our mischevious cat Olive is currently sitting on the end of the bed, eyeing off our little Christmas tree we've managed to fit in the corner.  Our dog Jack is at the door, keeping guard and a soft breeze blows the feathers on the dream catcher above our bed.  And I know in my heart we have everything we need for right now, it might not be exactly as I imagined but I look around and realise how truly blessed I am to be home surrounded by those I love.


If you are anything like me and love to make a space feel lived in and loved, here are a few ideas I found really work for me to help settle in and feel at home, not matter where I am.

- Flowers.. From the market, the garden or the closest park, a few fresh flowers always make a room feel so lovely.
- Photos and artwork.. Where ever I am, even if I'm staying for just one night, I love to add a few photos to my bedside table and even little artworks or prints if I have a few floating around in my journal.  Inspiring images always make me feel happy and I love waking up with something familiar near by. 
- Fabric and Scarves.. It's amazing what you can do with a bit of fabric or a scarf.  I always travel with a few colourful pashminas and they usually find themselves dressing up the ends of beds, strung from the ceiling of my tent or over a bedside lamp that's a little too bright.   
- Your favourite scent.. If possible take it with you.  Right now I'm loving the smell sandalwood soap and peppermint tea, so whenever I can, I try to have some on hand, to fill the space with scents I love and make me feel right at home. 

I'd love to hear your ideas too! What makes you feel at home?

Much Love

PS. The post was written on Friday night, before I left on Part Two of my Soul Adventure.  Right now, I'm back living in my little green tent for the week, with floral bunting hanging out the front, my favourite vintage linen and probably at least one pashmina on the end of the bed.


  1. I so love reading your posts, this one was truely inspiring. This time last year I was 'disliking' my house, the rooms and not feeling connected in any way. I felt it was 'too small' and then made many excuses for why I 'dislike' my space, but hte reality was I wasn't making the most of what I did have. So all this year I have worked at it and now I can happily say the space feels more alive, every room used and de-cluttering constantly has enabled us to use our home and space effectively and happily. It's so true it's what you make of a 'home' not only by your surroundings and what fills the spave but who fills the space and I'm constantly reminded by that, from the 'love' of my family every day... You keep inspiring Sophie, Thank you xx

  2. Reading my favorite blogs with soy chai in hand makes me feel at home. Love your words.

  3. The words "the Murray River" took my attention - there is a small village called Murray River on Prince Edward Island, Canada - it's the next village next to my home...

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Some small things easy to carry and that make me feel at home wherever I am are: .lavander essential oil, for the last years my favourite scent
    .a candle, the light of a candle always makes a place cozy
    .a notebook to writte my thougths
    .my crochet work
    I wish youthe best time during your soul adeventure...

  5. Soph, I hope you are finding yourself again, this new leaf you have turned artistically and personally is really resonating with me. Your posts for myself, are becoming beautiful chapters of a interesting and thoughtful journey that is making me itch to see new places, untouched nature, country towns, markets and new music. Despite the bumps life throws in our road, there will always be secret tunnels and paths that will lead us to something great.
    Will I wait for a journey of my own to take place I will be living through yours.
    Miss you and think of you often.
    Much love, a friend from the Murray, a Leo and literature lemming. X

  6. What a lovely post! I know I would find it so hard to scale down and declutter decades of collecting ephemera, which I think is in the best William Morris sense either beautiful or useful, but I am sure if I was honest I could do without.

  7. Girl, your blog is amazing.. I'm totally in love with it, just discovered and already become an addiction! would you like following each other? Let me know <3

  8. Flowers definitely make a home feel homey for me, not matter where I am or whose house I am in. But the best is the sense of smell and having your own home smell like it.

  9. Very inspiring, room environment can make you feel homey and comfortable especially when you personally decorate and clean it.hervey bay property sales

  10. Sophie your heart is really on your sleeve, it is beautiful what you are sharing in your posts.

    Wishing you and Ben a fabulous Xmas/New Year! Love Amanda (Mildura xo)


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