Monday, 24 December 2012

Soul Adventures.. Part Two

What an incredible month December has been.. I arrived home just a few days ago after a most amazing part two of my Soul Adventures.  This time my wandering heart took me to Ballina and Byron Bay for amazing yoga and meditation retreat.  

It has really taken me a few days to ingrate with the world around me, to find my feet amongst the festive cheer and begin to understand how profound this experience has been.  As I look back now on the images I captured of my time away I cherish each moment, seeing how wonderful this time has been to rediscover myself, on this new path I am now creating.   

My days in Ballina were filled with yoga, tai chi, beach walks, meditation and spending time with some amazing new friends.  In quiet moments I found a little time to journal and hula hoop amongst the flowers.  My evenings were spent volunteering in the Sacred Store, selling beautiful jewellery, scarves and books and enjoying wonderful conversations over music and chai.  

After four days in Ballina we packed up and headed north to Byron Bay.  The weather was just incredible and the king tide greeted us with love on our arrival.  And once again Byron Bay called my name, her voice, a captivating ocean roar.. I remember from so long ago. I left my heart there on the beach fourteen years ago and each time I return I know it's where I truly belong.  

Temple Byron played host to our final day of the retreat and it's beautiful yurt and surroundings filled my soul with joy.  Messages of love and peace could be found in every corner of the amazing property and in each garden a splash of colour, a row of crystals or a pair of wild orchids just waiting to be discovered.  

If part one of my adventure bought me closer to nature, than part two has truly bought me closer to myself.  This time in my quiet moments it was not answers I was seeking, it was stillness.. it was love.  

So for 2012 my Soul Adventures are complete.  Having travelled across three states, in every possible weather condition, I have been able to enjoy some of Australia's most breathtaking places, I've met some beautiful life long friends and most of all I have been able to find peace in my soul, to reignite my fire and look ahead to an exciting future filled with love, joy and many more soul adventures. 

Much Love


  1. this seems like a dream, how lovely (I'm a little jealous)!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely soul adventure! Very relaxing and reflective.

    Oh my goodness, there is a Peace Pole! That is so exciting; growing up Church of the Brethren, a pacifist church, we have a lot of Peace Poles around, such as at my church, our camp, and my college's campus. How exciting to see one in a picture from across the world!


  3. My sister loves Byron Bay (she lives near Sydney) and goes there often with the children -I can see the attraction. Have a lovely time over the Festive Season, and I am glad you were able to have some R and R.

  4. Love Ballina and Byron Bay. My sister used to live nearby and we spent one particularly wet Christmas/New Years there a while ago (but I still loved it)

  5. Absolutely love your photos! xx



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