Monday, 31 December 2012

2012.. The Year that Was

For me, 2012 has been a year like no other.  Looking back, words can not truly describe the journey that Ben and I have taken over the past 365 days.  It has been magical, unforgettable, amazing, heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time.  For me today is about reflecting on the lovely and inspiring moments of my year, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite 2012 adventures. 

Opening our online boutique Wilde Asher
Enjoying some great festivals and markets
Learning to hula hoop
Making some fun DIYs
Celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary
Creating an entertaining area for our Mildura cottage
Moving back to the city and taking our caravan Asher along for the ride
Visiting some breathtaking parts of the country
Meeting the ever inspiring Sibella Court
Enjoying many wonderful thrifting outings
Writing articles for Mollie Makes and Bespoke Zine
Interviewing some of my favourite fashion bloggers
Rediscovering my writing voice
Finishing many of my thrifty fabulous fun goals
Spending time with amazing family and friends

 So now I look towards tomorrow, the beginning of new adventures, making exciting plans and working towards some wonderful new goals for 2013.  I'm so excited about the coming year, pursuing my dreams, finding balance, becoming more sustainable in our everyday lives and finding the perfect new place for Ben and I to call home. I can't wait to share my hopes and dreams with you in 2013, beginning tomorrow with my new list of Fabulous Fun Goals for the new year.

Thank you so much for sharing your love and support over here at Her Library Adventures in 2012.  I appreciate it so much and can't wait share the blogging love even more in 2013.  Wishing you a most magical evening of laughing, singing, dancing and enjoying time with loved ones.  May your dreams for 2013 take flight and dance across the evening sky into the dawn of a beautiful new year.  

Much Love

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy Holidays..

Wishing you and your loved ones much love, laughter, happiness, joy and peace over this beautiful festive season.  

Thank you so much for all your prayers, love and support during 2012.  It means so much to me! I'm taking a few days off to spend some time with my beautiful family and I will be back a few days before the new year to share my hopes and dreams, lists and plans for 2013.

May your festive season be an amazing one!
Much Love

Monday, 24 December 2012

Soul Adventures.. Part Two

What an incredible month December has been.. I arrived home just a few days ago after a most amazing part two of my Soul Adventures.  This time my wandering heart took me to Ballina and Byron Bay for amazing yoga and meditation retreat.  

It has really taken me a few days to ingrate with the world around me, to find my feet amongst the festive cheer and begin to understand how profound this experience has been.  As I look back now on the images I captured of my time away I cherish each moment, seeing how wonderful this time has been to rediscover myself, on this new path I am now creating.   

My days in Ballina were filled with yoga, tai chi, beach walks, meditation and spending time with some amazing new friends.  In quiet moments I found a little time to journal and hula hoop amongst the flowers.  My evenings were spent volunteering in the Sacred Store, selling beautiful jewellery, scarves and books and enjoying wonderful conversations over music and chai.  

After four days in Ballina we packed up and headed north to Byron Bay.  The weather was just incredible and the king tide greeted us with love on our arrival.  And once again Byron Bay called my name, her voice, a captivating ocean roar.. I remember from so long ago. I left my heart there on the beach fourteen years ago and each time I return I know it's where I truly belong.  

Temple Byron played host to our final day of the retreat and it's beautiful yurt and surroundings filled my soul with joy.  Messages of love and peace could be found in every corner of the amazing property and in each garden a splash of colour, a row of crystals or a pair of wild orchids just waiting to be discovered.  

If part one of my adventure bought me closer to nature, than part two has truly bought me closer to myself.  This time in my quiet moments it was not answers I was seeking, it was stillness.. it was love.  

So for 2012 my Soul Adventures are complete.  Having travelled across three states, in every possible weather condition, I have been able to enjoy some of Australia's most breathtaking places, I've met some beautiful life long friends and most of all I have been able to find peace in my soul, to reignite my fire and look ahead to an exciting future filled with love, joy and many more soul adventures. 

Much Love

Thursday, 13 December 2012


Since packing up our lives in Mildura and heading home to family in Brisbane, the last few months have been quite an unravelling series of events.  As we drove out of town towing our little caravan Asher behind us, we really weren't sure what we were moving to.  Reflecting on it now, some days I find it hard to believe we found the strength in one another to even make it over the Murray River.  

As a little Cancerian, I feel it's in my nature to want to take my home where ever I go.  It seems to help me ground my emotions and find my place in the world, no matter the situation.  So it was lovely to spend a short time living in Asher, in her original condition.  Being able to add homely touches, images and bits and pieces that we both loved seemed to make our transition that little bit easier. 

When we finally made it to Brisbane our situation changed again and we have moved into a lovely room under my parents home, while we settle into our new lives and decide where it is we really want to be.  The transition from feeling like we were on holidays to realising that we were not going home did not come easily at first.  I longed for our little cottage, for a space to call my own.  But after a few long talks, accompanied by much meandering around our new local streets, Ben and I came to feel that as long as we were together, we were home, no matter shape it took. All of a sudden the lyrics to Edward Sharp's gorgeous song, Home, resonate in a way I never quite imagined.  

So I sit here write this in our room we are calling home for right now.  I may not have the space of a whole house, but I've still managed to included some of our favourite artwork and a typewriter or two.  Above is my favourite vignette, featuring some of our collected treasures and my beautiful Beatnik Rabbit by Cat Rabbit.  Our mischevious cat Olive is currently sitting on the end of the bed, eyeing off our little Christmas tree we've managed to fit in the corner.  Our dog Jack is at the door, keeping guard and a soft breeze blows the feathers on the dream catcher above our bed.  And I know in my heart we have everything we need for right now, it might not be exactly as I imagined but I look around and realise how truly blessed I am to be home surrounded by those I love.


If you are anything like me and love to make a space feel lived in and loved, here are a few ideas I found really work for me to help settle in and feel at home, not matter where I am.

- Flowers.. From the market, the garden or the closest park, a few fresh flowers always make a room feel so lovely.
- Photos and artwork.. Where ever I am, even if I'm staying for just one night, I love to add a few photos to my bedside table and even little artworks or prints if I have a few floating around in my journal.  Inspiring images always make me feel happy and I love waking up with something familiar near by. 
- Fabric and Scarves.. It's amazing what you can do with a bit of fabric or a scarf.  I always travel with a few colourful pashminas and they usually find themselves dressing up the ends of beds, strung from the ceiling of my tent or over a bedside lamp that's a little too bright.   
- Your favourite scent.. If possible take it with you.  Right now I'm loving the smell sandalwood soap and peppermint tea, so whenever I can, I try to have some on hand, to fill the space with scents I love and make me feel right at home. 

I'd love to hear your ideas too! What makes you feel at home?

Much Love

PS. The post was written on Friday night, before I left on Part Two of my Soul Adventure.  Right now, I'm back living in my little green tent for the week, with floral bunting hanging out the front, my favourite vintage linen and probably at least one pashmina on the end of the bed.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

An Enchanted Gypset Christmas..

Today over at the Wilde Asher blog we are sharing our Gypset inspired Christmas.
Pop over to check out the rest of the shoot and how you can add a touch of Bohemia to your Christmas Day.

Much Love

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Weekend Adventures..

It's with this gorgeous song playing that I set off today. My bags packed again, ready for anything... rain, sunshine or that magic moment in between.  I've even got a few flowers for my hair. 

I have a couple posts lined up while I'm away this week and for more daily inspiration and Christmas cheer, pop over to the Wilde Asher blog too. 

Wishing you a gorgeous weekend.
I look forward to catching up on your adventures very soon. 

Much Love

Friday, 7 December 2012

Soul Adventures.. Part One

"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind."
 - Caroline Myss

Over the last week I've been on a soul adventure, trekking down the Great Ocean Road.  Along the way I saw some incredible parts of Australia, met some amazing people and took some time to quietly sit, take in the vast beauty of this remarkable world and do a little soul healing.  

As I stood on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean and wandered deep within the enchanted rainforest world, nature embraced me with open arms and reminded me that I was home.   

Each day the weather shared the many beautiful personalities of the universe.  From one of the hottest days so far this summer, to thunderstorms, double rainbows and wild winds, I was reminded to persevere, to dance in the rain and embrace the beautiful moment when a storm passes and the sun shines again. 

My home for the week was a little green tent, adorned with floral bunting and filled with the treasures I found throughout my adventures.  I embraced early mornings and found myself alone on the beach filling my soul with yoga, tai chi and replenishing ocean swims.  In those quiet moments, when there are only seagulls for company, I began to find the answers to the questions that had been filling my mind.  I was at peace.  

My soul adventures continue on Saturday as I embark on the next part of my journey to Ballina and Byron Bay for a week of yoga, meditation, time with beautiful new friends and with an open heart, embracing the true beauty of the universe. I look forward to sharing more of my adventures soon. 

Much Love