Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Just For Fun.. Hanging Teacups

Just for fun, why don't you.. Hang some pretty teacups from a tree.

How - You'll need some pretty teacups with sturdy handles, some twine and a low hanging branch. You could even add flowers or herbs for a little something extra.  

When - They would be perfect decorations for a garden party, bridal shower, high tea or baby shower.  Or why not just use some thrifted tea cups and keep them in the garden as a lovely feature, perhaps even add a little bird seed for passing feathered friends.     

Why-  I love making use of every day objects to decorate and quirky cups are such a lovely way to brighten up an outdoor setting.  They will certainly grabbed your visitors attention.  It also reminds me of the film, Harriet the Spy and the beautiful artist's house they visited one afternoon, brimming of wonderful creations and a tree filled with colourful soda bottles.  And of course, it's a little Alice in Wonderland too. 

I love adding a little fun and colour to my everyday world and am looking forward to sharing more just for fun ideas soon!

Much Love


  1. Vintage decorating at its best. I love it. What a fabulous idea! You are an ideas woman I tell you x

  2. oh yes!!! I have pinned that idea and just yesterday found some teacup chimes!! I will try to show you my chimes hanging from our beautiful deck (it is in the suburbs of Sydney but it is hard to tell if the photo is taken from the right angle).

  3. I love this! I've seen this idea pinned a lot and have kept it in mind for a family photo shoot I'm planning later this year.


  4. This is adorable! I want to have a party now just so I can do this. Of course, I'll have to wait for spring. It's minus 15 degrees celsius here at the moment, so the teacups might break. ;)

  5. Such a precious look. I think this would be cute to do for my brides maids pictures... vintage and crisp. Love it!


  6. this is so whimsical, it would be so magical to go to a garden party to see these up. I once past a house with teapots stacked together in a garden (they were held together with a steal rod) and it immediately caught my eye. What an unexpected surprise!


  7. What a fantastic way to display your Johnsons collection!

  8. I love this idea! Just have to remember to take them down if there's a big wind! ♥

  9. I totally love this! I will have to remember this for when I have a yard of my own and host some girlfriends under the trees for tea!

  10. This may just be one of the cutest things I have ever seen

  11. Very cute and whimsical! I always loved that scene from Harriet the Spy, too, and have dreamed of creating an outdoor space like that someday!



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