Monday, 14 January 2013

Seven Vignettes..

It seems that the beginning of a new year has done wonderful things for my little creative soul.  Over the past two weeks my notebooks have been brimming with ideas and my iPhone quickly filling with photos.  I decided I wanted to begin the year with a creative challenge, just for myself, to begin playing again with colour, texture and design and liberate some of the ideas I'd been dreaming up.  Serendipitously I stumbled across The 7 Vignettes Challenge on Instagram, created the fabulous Jen from The Interiors Addict, I knew it would be the perfect little kick start I needed.  As we are currently in between homes, a great deal of my usual styling bits and bobs are packed away in storage, which at first was a little daunting, but it soon became quite a liberating experience, allowing me to really consider the story behind each vignette. 

 So here are my seven vignettes.. 

Day One - Nature. Inspired by a few collected bits and pieces from my travels. 

Day Two - Colour. Atomic inspired.. featuring retro wallpaper, globe and Melmac teacups. 

Day Three - Fun. Inspired by a childhood memory of learning to knit with my grandmother and featuring her retro needle case.  

Day Four - Flowers. Inspired by a Summer rose garden tea party.

Day Five- Mementos. A few of my favourites from my 2011 trip of New York.

Day Six - Side Table.  Inspired by Amanda Talbot, a gorgeous little corner of the garden and our 2013 vision board. 

Day Seven - Kitchen.  Most often my kitchen is filled with orphan tea cups, thrifted finds and recipes I'd like to try. 

I had so much fun putting each vignette together and seeing everyone else's inspired styling and I'm so excited that Jen will be hosting the next 7 Vignettes in the first week of February.   Check out her blog for more details if you would like to join in the fun.  

Wishing you a most creative Monday!
Much Love

 PS. A big thank you to Laura for gifting me a few pieces of her amazing vintage wallpaper collection.  They are certainly being put to good use!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this post! Your pictures are wonderful :D

  2. Loving all these! I have missed your vignettes. :)

  3. These are wonderful! What a lovely idea. I'll be stopping by Jen's blog for more info :)

  4. These are so lovely. My favorite is the NYC vignette.

  5. Fabulous! Loved them on Instagram - I'll have to keep an eye out for February's challenge, would love to join in next time :)

  6. I love them Sophie. Day 1 and 5 are my absolute favourite. Your creativity is a constant inspiration. Have a lovely week x

  7. I was enjoying your vignettes on Instagram...
    My fave is day four: flowers, so pretty xo

  8. I love all of these! And I know just how you feel, having all your stuff in storage. We've had our things packed away since we came to stay with my mum 2 months ago and I miss it all more than I ever realised I would! Oh, my lovely, lovely STUFF... Haha! Can't wait to unpack it all at our new place :)

    Katie xx

  9. These are so beautiful! You've inspired me!

    Gwenivere <3

  10. The retro needle case looks wonderful!

  11. I've been searching for a retro needle case like that; it's gorgeous! Your vignettes are inspiring. :) x

  12. These are so inspiring and gorgeous. They are all arranged to differently, the palettes are so unique. So lovely.


  13. Wonderful pictures! So inspiring, and nice to see things again after spotting them on earlier posts.

  14. Oh I love this, you have some lovely treasures and a great eye for colour. I want to have a go! Beautiful blog by the way. X


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