Saturday, 12 January 2013

Weekend Adventures - Bangalow

Since being back in Queensland, Ben and I have been really making the most of our weekends together.  After spending nearly five years in Mildura, far away from beaches and waterfalls, we have been craving weekly adventures to explore beautiful new places around the region.  Today we ventured to Bangalow... about 10mins west of Byron Bay. I've always been so inspired by Bangalow and Ben often spent weekends there as a kid, so it's a special spot for us both. These days it's a gorgeous hub full of inviting shops and delightful cafes, and although the weather was a little warmer than usual today, Bangalow as always, delivered it's wonderfully unique charm.  Here are a few of our favourite spots and lovely nooks.  

Perfect Bangalow on a Summer's Day..

Our first stop was to One Fine Day and Kitch 'n' Sync for some paper delights and vintage treasures.  Nestled in the cutest little weatherboard cottage and brimming with goodness, it's a must see on a Bangalow adventure.

Wall art and colourful cacti added a little fun and character around every corner...  

Gorgeous rainbow pompoms and Pony Rider love filled one of my favourites.. Our Corner Store

And who can resist a lovely crate of vinyl.. from the amazing collection of antique wares at The New Collector.  

And speaking of crates.. When in Bangalow you simply must stop by Heath's Old Wares. It is bursting with antique treasures, just waiting to be explored.  Not only that, but it's a boy's paradise! Tools, gadgets and vintage skateboards... Ben was in his element.

After a few hours enjoying the main street and surrounds, we decided it was time to cool off.  I knew it was going to be a hot day, so I planned ahead and scribbled down some directions to a little waterhole for an afternoon swim.

Little did I know.. Killen Falls was not only a beautiful waterfall and perfect swimming hole, but one of the most amazing places I've ever been too. It was such a perfect way to finish the day.  Now I believe it's location is a bit of a secret, so I won't say too much, but Mr. Google Maps should lead you in the right direction about 10mins south of Bangalow.  

All in all, it was a most wonderful day and this year's summer weekends have been some of the most amazing that we have ever enjoyed together. Now I can't wait to plan next weekend's adventures. 

I hope your weekend has been wonderful too!
Much Love


  1. Hi Sophie,

    Just to say I loved this post. I have a sister who lives in Brisbane and I'm making a note of some of the places you visit for future reference for when we next make a visit.

    Take Care


  2. I live not far from Bangalow and I am still discovering it! I have now been window shopping One Fine Day and I have an extensive lists of "wants" now.

    The happy woman who was given the black Grace Kelly sunnies (from Wilde Asher) for Christmas.

  3. Beautiful photos, these look like such memorable and fun adventures.

  4. ahhh this is my neck of the woods and I pinch myself often at how lucky we are to live in this magic place. next time try prospectors falls or rocky creek dam, blue pools at Evans Head is good much to explore.
    Allison x

  5. I popped into Angalw last year while caravaning about Qld.

  6. Eek. *Bangalow. It is such a treasure trove. Looks like you had a special day there with your man. I also loved the Channon Markets, def worth a visit if you haven't already.

  7. I love the markets, the main street. The lushness of the trees and the beauty of the place. Wish it wasn't so far away from Melbourne. I wish I'd spent more time up there before having my little family. You could get lost treasure hunting in those hills or enjoying a coffee at Byron.

  8. Looks like a great day!


  9. love these pictures just gorgeous! :)

  10. hi Sophie, is the walk to killen falls easy? we are heading there tomorrow!

    1. Hi Melynda,
      You do have to go off the main track, there are no signs, so watch out for the low hanging fencing. I would suggest wearing some walking friendly shoes. It's not too far to walk but once you are down the bottom, you'll need to walk over some rocks etc. Saw some young kids there on the weekend and a dog, so it's quite accessible. Hope that helps, have a wonderful time!
      Sophie x


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