Monday, 25 February 2013

Sneak Peek - Tales of the Sea

For as long as I can remember I've been enchanted by the ocean.  I spent my childhood weekends on the beach, first in Surfers Paradise and then in Cairns, fossicking for shells, playing amongst the waves and imagining what might be beyond the horizon. And it was something in that salt air and my vivid imagination that stirred within me, a love of the sea.. From the lost city of Atlantis, to beautiful mermaids, sirens and pirates... the sea cast its spell upon me many years ago. 

So when I began dreaming of ideas for my first co-designed and created jewellery collection for Wilde Asher, all of these memories came flooding back, after spending the past five years away from the sea.  From the first time I found a perfect shell and saw a real ship wreck, to snorkelling with turtles and dreaming of becoming a mermaid.  

Within the memories and the day dreams.. 'Tales of the Sea' was born. Inspired by vivid imaginings, found treasures, stories of old, the poetry of John Keats and the prose of James Joyce and the sea's most powerful spell of romance.     

Here is a little sneak peek into Tales of the Sea.. 
Each piece is uniquely handmade in our studio and I'm so delighted that much of the collection will feature found objects and vintage treasures, including beautiful antique coins from a one hundred year old gypsy costume, given to me by a dear family friend. 

Tales of the Sea will be launched in our online boutique in April and I can't wait to share more about our second winter collection soon too.  

Much Love

PS. I must have been dreaming about this collection nearly twelve months ago.. I just remembered this post I wrote back last May. How fortuitous!

Images Two and Three feature inspiring pages from Sibella Court's Bowerbird


  1. You clever cookie you. Is that a wee little sinker I spy in the first piece? Very sweet.

    1. Thanks Trudie! Hehe, haven't included any sinkers yet, but that's such a cute idea! x

  2. Love the colours and the sea glass! Beautiful reminders of the sea.

  3. Oh some beautiful things there and yes reminds me of the deep blue ocean. Lovely xx

  4. These are gorgeous! I can already think of some people who would love them as gifts :)

  5. i couldn't agree more! i just went for a swim in the sea and bobbed up and down for ages. it's so good to live surrounded by water.

    p.s. the course i'm doing is heather's whole food kitchen, online workshop. she runs them a few times a year and usually does a two for one special when she announces an upcoming course. maybe we can do the next one together? i would totally do it again! here's the link:


  6. I love this! I cant wait until April, and I'll be saving pennies for one of these beauties. What wonderful inspiration and realization of your vision.


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