Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My Life List.. An Update.

Nearly a year and a half ago, I wrote down my life list.. and I'm so happy I made the time to do it. Looking back now, I'm so delighted to see the things I've been able to achieve and others I'm currently working on.  It's a wonderful rewarding experience to be able to cross things off the list and to reflect, make amendments and most of all add new dreams and goals.  So today I've added twenty more to do's to my list, some are straight forward and others are a exciting, evolving aspects of my life.  So here is my revised list.. (in no particular order).   

My Life List..

1. Visit the Flea Markets in Paris
2. Read The Iliad and The Odyssey
3. Open Wilde Asher online in early 2012 Pop by and visit my shop here
4. Organise my music collection
5. Open a bricks and mortar shop
6. Write an e-Course - Making this happen
7. Practice Yoga daily - Making this happen
8. Spend a month without a phone or computer
9. Take a life drawing class
10. Learn to drive a manual car
11. Own a vintage caravan Check out our gorgeous 1974 Franklin caravan, Asher
12.  Take a University course in Art history
13. Camp the night on a cliff face
14. Bake a batch of shortbread using Isobel's recipe Christmas in July 2012
15. Curate an art exhibition
16. Publish a book before I'm 30 - Revised to 40
17. Write a series of zines
18. Take singing lessons
19. Buy film for my Polariod cameras Check out my experminents with Polaroids 
20. Teach English in a foreign country
21. Volunteer at a thrift shop
22. Own a yellow Kombi
23. Walk over Shibuya crossing
24. Work at Shakespeare and Company in Paris
25. Take a contemporary dance class Tryed a Pilates/Dance class in Feb & March 2012 and loved it!
26. Learn to stilt walk
27. Sew a Summer dress
28. Collect vintage copies of The Secret Garden
29. Read War and Peace
30. Learn to juggle
31. Submit an article to Frankie magazine
32. Complete my Masters degree
33. Go surfing in Byron Bay
34. Work as a stylist
35. Own a home by the beach
36. Plant a vegetable garden We started our first experimental veggie garden in Jan 2013
37. Make a beaded daisy chain So much fun! See my first attempt here. 
38. Finish a 1000 piece puzzle
39. Learn about cloud formations
40. Spend a whole day reading a book  August 2012 - I read The Hunger Games in one day (in the backyard under my favourite tree.) 
41. Find the perfect pair of red heels
42. Read through my old journals
43. Write monthly letters to my grandmother - Now I live so close I am able to visit my grandmother twice a month
44. Make a short film
45. Learn The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock off by heart
46. Thrift a pink typewriter
47. Crochet a blanket for our bed
48. Watch an episode of The Care Bears
49. Have a tarot reading
50. Learn to speak French

New Additions.. 

51. Add to our family 
52. Trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
53. Live more sustainably
54. Learn to teach Yoga
55. Renovate an old church into our home  
56. Live and work in a yurt
57. Create a wabi sabi home (thank you Jodi for the beautiful inspiration)
58.Go surfing with Ben
59. Capture life's everyday moments in images and words
60. Attend a Natalie Goldberg writing workshop
61. Learn to play the ukulele
62. Restore and ride my vintage bicycle 
63. Start (and finish) a 365 project
64. Thrift a set of Bentwood chairs
65. Build a tree house
66. Go on a haunted house ride and overcome my childhood fear 
67. Host Christmas Day for my family
68. Go on an archaeological dig with Ben
69. Learn the star constellations
70. Live simply and enjoy the little things

Have you ever made a life list? I'd love to hear about some of the things you would love to do too!
Much Love

PS. This photo was taken for Issue 17 of Mollie Makes. I wrote an article last year with my lovely friend Sarah about how to make this cute bunting skirt


  1. I haven't made a life list yet, but looking at yours, I think I need to! One place to capture all those things that are floating around in my head, waiting to happen.
    Lovely list :-)

  2. I love your list! But I think you should alter the wording of #51 to "add to our family". :)

    (gosh I hope that doesn't offend you!)

    1. Thank you Kathryn, that is so beautiful and I will indeed do just that! You are the sweetest x

    2. I'm so happy you have :)

  3. How inspiring! I now want to make a similar list... hopefully it will motivate me more!

  4. amazing list Sophie! There are a few on there that I mentally share with you...I need to learn to drive a manual car too! And every girl needs a killer pair of red heels! Love the photo too...beautiful x

  5. What a great list! Such a good idea too, you've inspired me to write my own.

  6. I don't exactly have a list, but i've always wanted to write something for frankie too. what a cute idea. I like how you wrote notes next to things that have to be altered slightly.

  7. A fab thing to do, Sophie. Well done on all you've achieved so far with lots more yumminess to tackle ahead. x

  8. Sophie, you are adorable. I love your life list, but even more so I love your obvious zest for living it. List or not.

    My favourite is 51, i'll be honest. ;)

    so much love your way, lady cake!

    xo em

  9. Wow, what a list! We have a lot in common, including living in a converted church! I'll walk over Shibuya crossing for you in a few weeks ;)

  10. Saws wet additions to your list my sweet. The first addition makes me smile and my heart rise. Wishing you all your dreams coming true. I'm glad you amended it, it's exactly how I feel too. X

  11. Oh sweet kindred spirit. I laughed out loud at the many things I also have on my life list. What an adventure we shall have in APril. Wishing you infinite joy beautiful soul :) x


  12. Things on the list I adore:

    learn Prufrock off by heart & collect vintage copies of The Secret Garden.

    I would recommend Illiad & Oddessy - I studied them for my degree. They are wonderful.

    Leanne xx

  13. Amazing list, so much to achieve! The only ones I've done are: watch a Care Bear episode (which is really easy to achieve, you could download one and watch it in 20 minutes!), read the Odyssey for uni(brilliant!), and have a Tarot card reading. Many of your other ideas appeal to me, except for camping overnight on a cliff face - not for me, no way!!! Probably the easiest ones to achieve out of all of those is learning about constellations and cloud formations. Take you about an hour for each one, for an overview. Good luck with fulfilling your dreams! :)

  14. Oh I love life lists! Reading other people's is great to get ideas and inspiration. Also for things I might have already done that were ambitions I forgot to add to the list, so I just add them retrospectively!

    Mine is here... olivedragonfly.blogspot.co.uk/p/ultimate-list.html

  15. This is an incredible list! I have a mental list, which includes many of the things on your list, surprisingly. :) I really ought to begin a list of my own on my blog.

  16. This list is just so inspiring, I want to make my own now! 'Create a series of zines' will definitely be on mine too... it's something I've always wanted to do, but I've never put my ideas into action. Reading this makes me realise I just need to go ahead and do it! x x

  17. I love this list, it is so full of adventures. Number 66 is my favorite, I like that you are conquering a fear.

    Here is my 30 before 30 list...


  18. I love that photo of you it's very cute and sweet...
    Thanks for the inspiration (again!) I'll start my looong list tonight!

  19. That's an awesome list Sophie! I really hope eventually you'll cross off every single thing. Dream big :)

  20. Such a joyful photo pf you, Sophie.
    Your list is great - full of quirky and meaningful aims,
    I have yet to make such a comprehensive life list, I may just do it now :)

  21. I would argue that you have done 34. Work as a stylist, every time you do a Wilde Asher shoot!

  22. Love this!!! especially the pink typewriter xx i think i must make a similar list! xxx

  23. 66. Go on a haunted house ride and overcome my childhood fear

    - you're braver than I am!!

  24. I love Shakespeare and Co in Paris - its the most amazing little shop in the world!

  25. I love your inspiring list Sophie, that you for sharing and inspiring. I am going to this weekend write my life list such a beautiful idea...

  26. I would love to work at Shakespeare and Company - it's such a beautiful bookstore and I loved every second I got to spend in there.


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