Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Aututmn To Do List - Get Knitting

At last, after what seems like a month of waiting with hopeful anticipation, Autumn has finally graced the warm Queensland days with it's delightful presence, bringing with it a cool change and the perfect weather for knitting and crochet projects galore. 

Knowing how much we all love a crafty project or two, Element Eden are running the fabulous Knit Off competition this winter with some amazing prizes to be won.  To go into the running a new wardrobe full of gorgeous Element Eden delights and a years supply of Cleckheaton yarn, all you have to do is submit your knitting and crochet projects on their Knit Off Facebook page or via Instagram by tagging your project @elementeden and #elementedenknitoff by the 30th of June.  

And I was delighted to find this lovely brown paper bag of treasures on my door step last week.  The lovely Element Eden folks sent me out one of their fabulous Knit Off starter kits, including a ball of Cleckheaton yarn, some super cute knitting needles and instructions for making an adorable winter mug cosy.  It's the perfect inspiration to get back into the knitting groove after many years of crochet fun.   Now to work out this interesting pattern! Pop over to the Element Eden Facebook page or blog to find out how you can get one of these cute starter kits too. 

What knitting and crochet projects are you working on at the moment? I'd love to hear about them!  After finishing off my nephew's baby blanket a few weeks ago, I've just started working on a little experimental crochet yoga mat bag.  Looking forward to sharing my progress soon.

Hope you're enjoying a lovely start to the week!
Much Love


  1. I haven't got a knitting project at the mo. but would love to nit something for my self or for others one day ! :)


  2. I'd really love to learn how to knit! My Gran did teach me a bit when I was little but I think a refresher is in order. The mug cosy looks like a good way to start :)

  3. I have a cushion cover i've been crocheting for what feels like forever, for some reason I can't get into it at the moment. I have been doing a lot more cross stitching lately though.

  4. Spring has hit where I live and I can feel Summer is not far behind. It gets hot but I love knitting all year round. However, nothing screams knitting as much as a nice chilling breeze does.

  5. I am definitely going to have to start learning to crochet. I am clearly out of the loop. My mum has been crocheting to lose weight because it keeps her hands busy so she doesn't snack as much. Kind of a clever idea. The creations she has made such as a baby blanket and a throw for the the lounge are secondary to her losing weight but they are so pretty and quirky. I need to get in on this knitting/crocheting malarkey.


  6. Oh yes, I must pull out my knitting needles again! It's been far too long! Thanks for the reminder. x


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