Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Romancing the Everyday..

As I contemplate slow living and going back to basics, I'm also noticing my love for the simple things, the sweet pleasures in life that previously I've been too rushed to notice.  And it is in those moments that life's joyful romance can truly be found. Creating a little romance in my everyday life was such a beautiful revelation, inspired in part by the beautiful book which rarely leaves my bedside, Velvet Pears.  It is as if I've found an eternal Spring after a cold Winter by living more mindfully, finding the delight in the day-to-day and being conscious of life's magic sparks.  

Making a cup of tea - Such a lovely ritual that I would so often rush.  Now I choose my favourite cup and saucer and my tea of preference (or hot water and lemon of late) with care and take a few minutes to really enjoy the tea making process.  Waiting for the kettle if such a nice time to daydream or just switch off for a moment.  I love drinking my morning cup of tea in the sunshine, usually accompanied by my journal and revel in the pleasure of that simple few minutes to just be. 

Watering the garden - If you had told me twelve months ago that my favourite place to spend the afternoon would be in the garden, I wouldn't have believe you for moment.  But somehow beautiful Mother Earth has taken me in her loving embrace and helped me to find such peace and joy in tending to my little garden.  It's the most wonderful ten minute meditation, a time to breath, to quietly observe all the tiny happenings and to let the earth ground me.

Looking at the Stars - One of the goals on my life list is to learn more about the star constellations and it wasn't until recently that I realised, it was only on the odd occasion I would actually look up at the night's sky.  Taking a few moments to go outside at night and really look at the stars, is such a magical experience, no matter how many times you've done it before.  While gardening connects me to the earth, stargazing reminds me just how tiny this beautiful world really is. 

Decorating with love - I love feathering my nest, decorating and making my space feel like home, but cleaning.. that word has never sat well with me.  So I've decided to rethink the word 'clean' and call it 'decorating with love', so I can bring a little beauty into this every day task.  I light some candles, play some lovely music and daydream while I work.  Once I've finished, I treat myself to a little styling, creating a new vignette here and there or adding some flowers or garden cuttings to a vase.  I found great joy in styling with everyday objects and am always on the lookout for simple treasures to add to my nest.  
I'd love to hear about ways you create romance in your everyday life.  Where do you find life's magic spark?

Much Love


  1. I love watering the garden (even if my back doesn't like it as much as I do!). I love how these little moments help us refocusing and just... being. :)

  2. Baking my own bread... It started as a necessity (food intolerance) but is now one of my favorite moments of the day... Making a starter, kneading the dough, watching the oven do its magic and of course smelling freshly baked bread and tasting is...

  3. Your going to have the best of all lifes magical experiences soon, gazing into the eyes of baby, and your baby gazing back (even the stars don't compare) x

  4. I love your idea of "decorating with love"..I struggle with cleaning too!! thanks for your beautiful and inspiring blog by the way xx

  5. You've put this all into words perfectly - what you're doing is exactly that: romancing the day. These little things like daily tea and "cleaning" are truly lovely and wonderful, but they have to be seen as enjoying the little moments instead of checking things off a to-do list.

  6. Getting up before the rest of the house is one thing I love, although I don't do it often... usually when I put a child back to bed after they've crept into our bed at silly-o'clock and I realise I feel quite awake. Then I'll creep downstairs, make a cup of tea, put the radio on and doodle in my notebook.

  7. Hey Sophie, I have come back to blogging after a hiatus and noticed that you don't host a thrift share inlinkz anymore. What happened? I loved participating and looking at what others had thrifted every week!

  8. Love this! Great advice. : ) I make myself a cafe latte every morning and every evening. I find it's one of my favorite parts (rituals) of my day. I also love watering and tending the garden.

  9. Ahh, looking at the stars and the infiniteness of the night. <3


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