Sunday, 31 March 2013

Everyday Moments..

A basket of Easter treasures
The perfect spot to spend a Saturday afternoon in the beautiful Numinbah Valley
Colourful delights on our rainforest wander
Olive's favourite morning spot
Details through the fields in Numinbah
Happiness is.. early morning journalling in the sunshine

Much Love

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Happy 5th Birthday little Blog..

Five years ago today.. I wrote my first ever blog post.  The only people that read it were my mum and my grandmother.  I'd just moved to a new town, in a new state and was finding my feet and creativity away from family and friends.  And so began Her Library Adventures.. a little blog that wears it's heart on it's sleeve and who much like it's owner has been transformed greatly by this beautiful blogging world since it's humble beginnings those five years ago. 

Funnily enough, now that I stop and think about it, this little blog resembles those early days, more now than ever before.  As I once again find myself in a new city, finding my feet, this time surrounded by those I love.  I'm once again revelling in the simple things, the everyday beauty and I feel so blessed that I am able to share those moments with amazing people who care about those simple pleasures as much as I do.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting me through this journey, especially over the last seven months.  In August a part of me thought that I would never find the courage to write again and it was through your comments, emails, beautiful words and amazing community that I was able to find my voice and the strength to once again share my adventures.  

Much Love and here's to many more years of blogging to come!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Journalling for the Soul..

Right now, I'm feeling more connected to the written word then I have in many years.  After yearning to rediscover my voice, I've been on an incredible journey of letting go and pushing past the fears I had of seeing my life written upon the page.  Now once again, I feel I can embrace my words and explore journalling in a whole new way.

  For me journal writing is all at once a wonderful escape and a beautiful reality, where I love to spend some precious time.  My journal is where I set positive intentions and capture my inner thoughts and soul wanderings.  It is also where I dream and those visions are as boundless as the sea.  So as we begin a beautiful new season, I thought I might share some of my tips and ideas after years of teaching creative writing, that I still often remind myself, about journalling for the soul.  

Have your journal supplies ready..
You never know when inspiration might strike, so be sure to have your supplies ready.  This will ensure you can capture that beautiful fleeting creative moment. This little stash will differ depending on the type of journalling you enjoy.  My set up is pretty simple. I love to create collages on my pages of beautiful images, words and ephemera that inspires, so I always keep some handy in the back of my journal (in an envelope).  Then all I need is glue, scissors and my favourite pen and I'm ready.  I also leave pages blank so if I'm not feeling creative, I can simply fill a page with musings.  

Celebrate your journalling time..
Always remember that personal writing is a celebration, not a chore.  You shouldn't feel obligated to write or worry because you haven't written for a day or even a month.  Remember there are no rules and no one is giving your journal a gold star.  If you can, make a little time each day to write a little, but if life gets too hectic, don't worry, just celebrate the time you have and make it precious! Enjoy your favourite beverage, light a candle, or journal in the bath (see Stealing Beauty for inspiration), whenever your soul yearns for you to pick up a pen and take a journey.

Be kind to your journal..
Yes, I know that might sound a little silly, but just hear me out.  I believe that your journal is an extension of you, like everything you create, so be kind to it. Make it feel like home, welcoming, inviting, a place your just can't wait to get back too.  I find creating little corners of inspiration really helps me to make my journal feel like a place I want to be, perhaps a like hanging artwork on the walls of my home.  Add personal photos, drawings, ephemera from your travels, your children's artwork, whatever inspires you to want to open that cover and dive in.    

Trust your intuition..
Writing can be daunting and at times even scary and that's what I feel makes it a truly incredible form of self expression.  It's important to trust your intuition, because once you begin you never know where your words may take you.  Perhaps to somewhere beautiful, or to a distant memory  that you were not ready to revisit.  From my own experiences, I've learnt that some of those moments are the most powerful for self healing and understanding, so trust in your soul and the transforming journey you are embarking on. 

Embrace your words..
Whatever you find tumbles onto your page, embrace your words, for they are some of your most intimate thoughts (and of course a whole lot of rambling thrown in for good measure).  Try to write a whole page without reading back over it or analysing what you are trying to say.  Just let the words flow, even if it doesn't seem to be making any sense.  Read back over it a few days later or even a month and I promise you will find something remarkable within your musings.  Allowing yourself to find or rediscover your writer's voice, can be a beautiful and powerful gift.  

I hope some of these tips and ideas have resonated with the writer inside you, perhaps to begin a new journal, or find one that's been spending too be days alone on the bookshelf.  

Enjoy your writing journey.
Much Love

PS. Pop over here to find a few more of my journal writing tips. 

Monday, 25 March 2013

Weekend Adventures - A Kindred Spirit Outing

On Saturday I set off, wearing one of my favourite vintage dresses, on my first kindred spirit adventure, with the gorgeous Steph from This Brown Wren.  Together we navigated the streets of Brisbane to find some of the most delightful Saturday destinations and share some of our favourite spots to enjoy the weekend. 

Our first stop just had to be to the Jan Powers Farmers Markets to visit the fabulous Kara, Tim and Frankie the caravan and fossick through the beautiful travelling wares. Needless to say we both came away with gorgeous treasures and can't wait for our next visit. 

After wandering the rest of the markets, it was time for a chat and morning tea at the fabulously charming Cafe Bouquinste in New Farm.  

From there our plan was to head towards Woolloongabba and on the way we took a couple of wonderfully colours detours.  The first was to the enchanting Black & Spiro, where Steph and I could really have spent the entire afternoon. What an amazing treasure trove!   

We then headed to Tangled Yarns to check out the most beautiful yarn in town and discuss exciting Autumn projects. It is such a feast for the senses!

An adventure for two vintage loving girls would not have been complete without a trip to Woolloongabba Antique Centre, for a little vintage inspiration before stopping by Spoon in Paddington for lunch and an endlessly inspiring conversation about creative and sustainable living.  

And my purchases for the day.. A charming little motar and lovely bundt tin from Kara's Travelling Wares and some sweet thifted books full of lovely written notes (there was a quick stop into Vinnies on the way to Tangled Yarns). 

With an idea of how much many passions Steph and I shared, I knew I was in for a wonderful day.   It was when I was sharing snippets of my day with Ben, telling tales of my seven hours of magical fossicking, rummaging, photographing, chatting and giggling, that I began to truly appreciate the importance of this remarkable blogging community and it's ability to bring people together.  And the icing on the cake is, I have met a wonderful kindred spirit and life long friend.  

Here's to a delightful week! 
Much Love

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Everyday Moments..

  Little signs that Autumn is not far away
Dreaming of cooler nights and making the bed accordingly with our much loved thrifted blanket
A gorgeous bookish find while adventuring with this beautiful soul
Some of my favourites treasures
Wandering amongst the boats at Manly and dreaming of our someday sea faring adventures
A little light bedtime reading..

Joining the fun and inspiring images at The Shack hosted by the gorgeous Em.

Much Love

Friday, 22 March 2013

Crafty Project - Easter Decorating..

Easter is such a lovely time to get creative and decorate your home.  Even though it might not be Spring in these parts, it's hard to resist the gorgeous pastel palette, fruity hues and delightful little creatures.  The beauty of Easter decorating is there really are no rules and you can use treasures you already have around your home.  Pop them together into a lovely vignette or as as a table centre piece for Easter Sunday lunch.  It's such a sweet way to add touch of Spring fun to your home.

Here's how I put together my vignette: I love pastel and floral, so it was pretty easy to gather up a few bits and pieces from around my studio.  I decided on a bright, fruity vignette and added a retro floral painting, a cute little duck (created by Delilah Devine) and one of my favourite quotes.  I added a few personal touches with some crocheted bunting (super easy - just make a few little granny squares and chain stitch them together), a vintage brooch, some little flowers from the garden and of course.. some cute little pastel chickens.  I put this vignette together on a white peg board, which I just love for easy decorating.  I would add a few cute bunnies too, if I was creating this on a mantel piece or side board.  Remember it's all about having fun! Don't be afraid to be a little quirky. It's pretty hard not to be when you are working with pink and blue chickens!

My Easter decorating tip.. Washi tape and blu tak are your best friends.  Add a little blu tak to your cute chicken feet and you can stick them anywhere! What fun!

Happy Decorating & Easter Crafting!

 And I hope you have a most wonderful weekend.  I'm off on a lovely little outing with the gorgeous Steph from This Brown Wren tomorrow and I can't wait!

Much Love

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Secondhand Style - Sunflowers & Peaches

Top: Sunny Girl (2012) Skirt: Kmart (2012) Cardigan: Thrifted 
Brooch: Vintage Shoes: Rivers

I adore a cute peter pan collar, so when I found this Sunny Girl top last year I just couldn't leave it behind.. because really, who could resist a peachy blouse with three collars.  But you know what, I was never quite sure what to pair it with.  At the time it didn't seem to match a anything in my wardrobe, so my lovely little peachy top, hung on the rack until about a month ago.. when to my surprise it paired itself ever so nicely with my 'super bargain wear all the time' floral skirt.  Now it's one of my favourite fortuitous outfits.  Lesson learnt.. Play with your clothes, try different things together, you just never know when something might be a perfect match. 

And hooray, finally it's nearly cardigan weather, well it was momentarily yesterday afternoon while we took photos in between rain showers. Thank goodness for matching oversized umbrellas.  They just make life feel like a scene from Mary Poppins, at least for a moment anyway.

I hope you're week has been splendid so far!
Much Love

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Fab Fun Goals Update..

I can't quite believe we will soon be into the forth month of the year! Where do the days go? I thought I best take a look at the little list of goals I made for myself on the first of January and see if I'd made many of them a reality and to my delight, there were a few I could tick off my list (as an avid and intrepid list maker, this is my favourite part). Some of my goals were easy to complete, others are continuing to be an exciting challenge.  Here's what I've finished so far..

Crochet a blanket - I just finished up a little blanket for my gorgeous new nephew Owen, who was born on the first of March.  It's been such a joy to get back into crochet again and I'm totally hooked.  Now I'm dreaming up a blanket for our bed. 

Buy fresh flowers from the local markets - I love having flowers in my home and since I no longer have roses in the garden, it's been a delight to find some amazing bunches at our favourite weekend markets.   

Drink more water - Well, I decided the most simple way to do this was to buy a giant water bottle and keep it on my desk.  And so far it's working and makes me giggle too (I'm a good talker!). 

Experiment more with my Polaroid cameras - I began with some overheated film in one of my favourite cameras, with some interesting affects.  Next to try with one of my Polaroid Land cameras. 
Start a vegetable garden - I've been wanting to grow my own veggies for years and we've finally put our plans into action, with our first little experimental garden.  It's so exciting to watch our little seedlings grow and I'm already dreaming of expanding and filling the whole backyard with edible delights. 

Five down, only 25 to go! It's going to be a fun filled year indeed!
Have you crossed any goals of your lists this year?  

Much Love

Monday, 18 March 2013

Weekend Adventures.. Byron Bay Love

The weather yesterday was perfect.. and after so many overcast and rainy weekends over the past few months there was only one way to celebrate this gorgeous Sunday.. with a little trip to Byron Bay.  On the to do list.. Bruch at The Roadhouse, a visit to the beautiful new Spell & the Gypsy Collective boutique and a long awaited ocean swim.  One of my favourite ways to spend a Sunday.

As we drove into Byron, we noticed the streets lined with amazing purple blossoms.  With Bluesfest just a few weeks away, I think even the trees are getting ready to party.

Our first stop was at The Roadhouse for brunch.. It's such a great little cafe, the food is just amazing and who doesn't love tea served with a perfectly kitsch souvenir spoon.  (I'm drinking Earl Grey tea, it looks strangely red as we were sitting under a red umbrella)

Brunch was followed by a little wander around the Byron streets and my first stop just had to be the new Spell shop. Brimming with bohemian delights, I filled my dream wish list very quickly with gorgeous pieces.  On the top of my list.. This dreamy castaway skirt and this tribal tassel bag.

Next we popped into AHOY to check out the amazing artworks by shop owner Jai Vasicek, along with a wonderful array of Bonnie & Neil and Pony Rider cushions.  One of my new Byron favourites!  

And a trip to Byron would not be complete without a little play in Three Worlds.  Needless to say between Ben and I we nearly came home with a new ukulele, a miniature accordion, a spiral didgeridoo and a collapsible hula hoop. Not to mention this gorgeous rainbow hammock which is definitely on my wish list for our new home.  

We ventured a little further north to Brunswick Heads for a swim and on the way found our perfect next getaway in a beautiful hand crafted teepee. 

Another happy discovery on our adventure was resould, a delightful little vintage emporium in Brunswick Heads.  Full of amazing retro wares, mid century furniture, fabulous vintage fabric cushions and lampshades, it was heaven for this vintage lover. 

We finished off our day with a wander by the Brunswick River, a beautiful ocean swim and a beach fossick.  There really is no better way to enjoy a perfect kind of Sunday.

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend too!
And here's to a fabulous and inspiring week.

Much Love