Friday, 30 May 2014

In Our Garden.. Late Autumn

If you'd told me a few years ago that my ultimate mother's day present would be a pair of gumboots and some gardening gloves I'm sure I would have laughed.  Not that I didn't enjoy the garden, but I just didn't have much time, nor the inclination to make it an important part of my life.  It was when my world was turned upside down that I found great solace in my garden and began a fascination for herbs, veggies and flowers, thanks in part to the beautiful book, Velvet Pears. On the days when my grief was all encompassing, I would fit in my favourite chair, with a pot of tea overlooking the garden and read all day . And it was on one of those days, deeply immersed in the beauty of Foxglove Spires that my enchantment with gardening really began.  Over the past two years my love for gardening has totally blossomed, so much so that within a week of moving into our new home, I was off to the local nursery to find seedlings for the wonderful empty patch in the backyard just calling to be transformed into our beloved veggie garden. This season was all about getting plants in the ground and was very much inspired by Alys Folwer's Edible Garden series (You can watch them on You Tube and I dare you not to fall in love with 1.Alys, her fabulous accent and super cute wardrobe, 2. Her wonderful recipes and amazing and doable garden). So with great enthusiasm, we threw seeds about, planted seedlings where ever there was space and with some wonderful morning sunshine and daily tending, things began to grow.  

This time of year is all about greens, so in went rainbow chard, a few kale varieties and spinach too.

We were very lucky to have established mandarin and orange trees overflowing with amazing fruit.  

Snapdragons not only look lovely but attract good bugs to our little patch.

We filled much of the garden with broad beans which are not only lovely to eat, but will help make the soil more productive for future crops.  They've just begun to blossom these amazing little flowers.

Also springing up we have broccoli, celery, garlic, onions, pumpkin, rocket, radishes, carrots and a lovely variety of herbs. Over the back is a little DIY pea trellis made from an old bed frame.  

By the back door are potted herbs for easy watering and picking.  My current favourite weekend activity is finding second hand pots and tins and adding more unusual varieties to my little herb family.

It's a busy time in our veggie patch, finishing last minute planting before the days get too cold.  I'm also working on a bit of an experiment with my rocket and spinach plants, so that I never have to buy them from the supermarket again.  Can't wait to see if it works. 

What's happening in your garden at the moment?

Much Love

PS. Thank you so so much for your amazing comments on my last post. They mean so much to me and I'm so touched that you took the time to share your thoughts. It was so wonderful to read your stories and it filled me with love and hope that there is a beautiful community out there who feel like I do.  I can't wait to rekindle the good old days and connect more with each of you and will spend some time replying individually to your comments over the weekend.  

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Creativity & Blogging..

'If we are open to our art, our art will seize every opportunity we give it.' - Julia Cameron

I think I've been writing this post in my head for the past six months.  It's so big, there's so much to say, every time I go to put it on paper (or screen) I go totally blank and get overwhelmed by the enormity of the conversation.  Even now, it's taken me all day to find the right words for this post.  It's a little long, so thank you in advance for taking the time to stop by.  I'll pop the kettle on.  

For a while now I've been trying to find my place in the blogging world.  I've been writing for what seems like forever and it's been so fascinating to see how much things have changed over the past six years.  The technology, people, the whole business of blogging, it's a whole conversation in itself and lately, there's been times I've totally worn myself out thinking and analysing it all. I love to blog, even when I first began, with my generic blogger template, random sized photos and blurry header, I felt like I finally had a place to call my own.  I love to write, I love to take photos, I'm a maker, a doer, it just all seemed to fit.  That was 2008, when blogging was all brand new.  These days there are so many blogs out there, most days I feel like I can't keep up.  With so much change happening, so much talk of the future of blogging, branding, business, blogging workshops & e-courses, 10 ways to get more readers (you know the drill), I find myself getting totally overwhelmed, when all I've always wanted to do is write, take photos and be part of a community. 

At some point in about 2011, I thought I wanted a 'big' blog.  I was posting twice a day, interviewing fellow bloggers, running a weekly meme, organising guest contributors and by 2012 I was totally and utterly exhausted. At the very same time, life came crashing down around me and gave me the most important wake up call of all.  I'd been so caught up in work and blogging, I was putting myself under so much pressure to improve my stats each month, I wasn't actually really living my life the way I wanted to. 

When I came back to blogging a few months after we lost Cohen, I knew I had to start over.  I slowly found my voice, wrote from the heart and shared what was important to me (as I still do today).  I knew I only had about half the readership I had previously, but I couldn't turn back, that kind of blogging just wasn't for me.  Fast forward a year and a half and I find myself here once more, pondering the future of blogging and what next. 

Recently in between moving, mothering, rediscovering my creative self and just trying to get enough sleep, I wondered why I was still blogging at all.  It seems like there were so many people who also like what I like and do what I do, I feel like my little unique nest on the Internet, that I'd taken so long to make warm and cozy and just me, at times isn't so unique after all.  

But then I began to look back through my archives. For me this isn't just a blog, it's a time capsule of my life for the past six years.  And those six years have been the most amazing, challenging and heartbreaking I've ever experienced.  So I decided, as I was hanging the washing out the other day (that's when I do most of my blogging thinking) that there was no way I was going to let this precious time capsule go.  Although those memories will always be in my heart, those moments, those emotions will be forever captured here, in photos and words and that's something I want to fight for, embrace and keep for a long time to come, no matter what happens out there in the world of blogging.  

For me blogging has always been about creativity and community and these are the two things I keep coming back to me when I think about where to next.  Recently I was talking to a few blogging friends about how much I wanted to get back to the old days of blogging.  Before it all got serious, when it was just for fun.  I loved seeing what everyone was up to, making new friends and feeling like there there was no pressure to create 'content' and have 'schedules'.  There was such a wonderful community spirit, there were pats on the back, celebrations, pin cushion swaps, handmade giveaways and heartfelt conversations.  Sitting down to read my favourite blogs used to be such a wonderful part of my day and I loved sharing the everyday stuff, what was on my desk and what I'd been up to on the weekend, without feeling the pressure (I've often put on myself) to post everyday or make my life look like something from a magazine.  

So where to from here? Well I'm bringing back the happy good days of blogging! More than ever I'm inspired about posting what I love, when I want to, because it brings me joy. I want to give creative hugs, I want to share inspiration (in a real and honest way, not a perfectly curated Pinterest board kind of way). I want to celebrate doers and makers creating great stuff, have meaningful conversations without worrying what people might think.  I've decided that the world of blog monetizing isn't for me (although I am completely understanding of and honour those who choose to monetize their blogs). So now on my side bar you'll find fellow creatives who I trade ad spaces with and small businesses of dear friends who I love to share and support. 

Most of all I want to reconnect with my blogging friends and connect with new to me blogs that I love.  Inspired by Ronnie's fabulous post today I'm going to really make time to comment more, engage wholeheartedly, to visit blogs (rather than reading them through Bloglovin) and honour the love, time and effort taken by each blogger to carefully put together their post. I want to celebrate all the wonderful things about blogging rather than analyse and worry about what's to come.   

Thank you so much to Steph, Ronnie, Gaby, Pia, Kate and Katie for inspiring me and giving me the courage to write this post. And thank you for your support and friendship over the years.  The connections I've made through this little blog continue to amaze and inspire me everyday and I'm so grateful that you take the time to stop by.  In true blogging serendipity Katie and Reuben have also written an amazing post tonight about what's next for them.  I'm so excited about this new blogging chapter!

How are you feeling about blogging these days?
Do you remember the good old days as fondly as I do?
Were you a part of Kate's pin cushion swap too?

Much Love 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Everyday Moments..

 My little stash of crochet mandalas slowly growing each day..
Adventures at the park..
Glimpses of the season..
Oranges.. everywhere  you turn..
Rainbow chard, a favourite in our veggie garden..
Quiet afternoons & foraged native blooms..

Much Love

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Sunday, 25 May 2014


"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Tallow: So cute, so determined and oh so cheeky! 

 Joining Jodi's beautiful 52 project
 Much Love

Friday, 23 May 2014

Making, Doing, Reading & Thinking..

Next week is the last week of May, my little girl will be eight months old and I've got a big to do list and plenty to catch up on before the end of the month.  But right now, it's Friday night and I'm looking forward to a weekend of catching up with friends, pottering in the garden, playing in the park and reveling in the last days of Autumn. 

I've finally got a tidy and organised studio space with a wonderful retro dining table to sew at and make wonderful crafty messes on! I can't wait until Tallow's big enough to join the fun. I'm already planning our crafty adventures.

My plan to never have to buy rocket or spinach again is working! My little rocket seedlings are powering along and my spinach and rainbow chard and flourishing too. There's nothing quite like greens straight from the garden. 

We got the ok from our landlord to get chickens! I am so excited!! Watch this space for some lovely ladies soon. 

This print is enchanting my heart as are all her gorgeous creations.

I loved Chantelle's beautiful honest post this week.  We've got to stick together mamas, you are all doing an amazing job and it's so important to keep the love and support flowing through the community. 

And I'm so inspired by the beautiful Ronnie and her daily blogging. I love reading about why others blog, it always gets me thinking about what makes me come back to this little space, week after week. 

Speaking of blogging, Holly's post about the future of blogging was a truly insightful read and so are the comments. There's so much to think about. 

I'm so happy that divine Amy had her ever incredibly inspiring Instagram account restored and I'd just love to be at the Spirit Weavers Gathering this week. 

This beautiful mandala makes me happy and as does Maisy's gorgeous bohemian world. 

I'm loving all these slipper patterns and can't decide which one to try first.

This guy and his amazing cakes totally blow my mind! Veggies rock!

And I'm totally adoring this gorgeous house (and property) and the sweet couple who call it home.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend of making & doing..
Much Love

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Less Stuff, More Happy

I've been thinking about stuff a lot lately.  How we buy it, use it, store it, love it, hate it, pass it one, throw it away and begin the cycle all over again.  The stuff that makes up our home fascinates me and now that I'm with our stuff everyday, rather than racing off to work,  I'm really beginning to appreciate and reevaluate the way our family consumes it. 

I had wonderful intentions of having a no buy month in May, but soon realised that we did actually need to purchase a few essentials to prepare for winter and to baby proof the house.  So rather than no buy, I'm calling it low buy, because other than bits and pieces that we need for our home and to keep Tallow warm this winter, we've been pretty good.  Ok, I must admit, I did buy Tallow a beautiful picture book today called, Kissed by the Moon by Alison Lester, but it made me cry and is so beautiful, it's going to be treasured for many many years.  I still have my heart set on a total no buy month, but I realise now I need to time things a little more strategically. 

So back to this stuff business.  Over the past nearly two years, we've moved our home three times, when we moved back to Mildura, we did so on a really tight budget.  We left stuff with our families, we gave stuff away, we did whatever we could to make it cheaper to get here.  At the time it was heart wrenching, looking at the last ten years of our lives, packed away again or going to Vinnies.  But you know what, now at the other end of it all, I don't think I've ever felt more free.  Now that all the boxes are unpacked and I know what we have and what we use, I all of a sudden realise what we don't actually need. And it's a lot!

I've always been a bit of a 'oh yeah I'm sure this will come in handy, oh I don't know where I put that, I'll just grab another one, oh look it's on special, I better get it' kind of person.  But now the idea of buying from large companies actually makes me angry.  This great article that Rohan shared last week sums it up better than I can, but basically I've just had enough of feeling like I have to buy stuff.  I'm putting my foot down. And you know what, I should know better, I studied mass media and consumption.  I know that all those years I was being sucked in and I did nothing about it.  I allowed myself buy more shoes than I will ever wear, poorly made clothes that fell apart and went 'out of fashion' and just a whole lot of stuff that we just didn't need. 

So I'm seeing this opportunity as a fresh start, with free cupboard space and  a lot less 'baggage', for me now it's all about having less and being happier. I realise all the stuff was weighing me down, I was losing my way in the consuming cycle and I've never felt happier to have set myself free. I also packed up the little collector in me and popped her in an amber bottle, where she can sit on the mantelpiece (a part of my only collection besides some family heirloom crockery) and observe the passing days without sitting on my shoulder and telling me that I really 'need' another tea pot or notebook or handbag.

Now I'm by no means saying we shouldn't buy things, we need to, it's a part of life and very important for the livelihoods of local, small business owners.  But now I know there's so many ways I can be more mindful, there's just no going back to the way I used to shop. So here's what I'm doing to be a more conscious consumer. 

- I'm using this handy chart to help remind myself to be more mindful 
- I make a note of things I might like and go back a week later and see if I still feel the same way. 
- I'm aware of how seductive the Internet can be for impulse purchases. 
- If I truly need to purchase something, I think about how sustainable and fair the product is, where it's been made and who I'm buying it from.  This all takes more time and effort but the rewards far out way the few extra days I go without.   
- Most importantly I buy things I love from makers, creatives and shop owners who love what they do. And that makes me truly happy.

I feel like I've come such a long way from two years ago and I know I've still got a little bit of decluttering to go (especially with craft supplies), but that's a story for another day.  For now I can honestly say, less stuff really does make more happy.

Much Love

PS. If you haven't already seen it, The Story of Stuff is a must watch and Rethink: The Way You Live by Amanda Talbot is a must read.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Seven Months..

Dearest Tallow,

Oh my precious girl, if anyone asked me to capture you as you are right now, this photo pretty much sums it up! Yes indeed, you actually turn eight months in nine days and I can't quite believe my eyes, my little baby is growing up so fast. You are a bundle of giggles and so wonderfully enthusiastic.  You clap your hands and bounce up and down when you get excited and it's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.  It seems like overnight you've mastered crawling (you're so fast) and now you're straight onto the next challenge and love to pull yourself up on anything and anyone near by.  And guess what, your two bottom teeth have just come through at the same time and all the while you've been an absolute champion. We are very excited about your big toothy smile.  Miss Tallow Frankie you are one in a million and the most magical little ray of sunshine.

You Like:
Your toy basket, it might even be more fun than your toys
Music - even our crazy made up songs
Jack - you giggle so loudly when he chases his tail
Gardening - No doubt you'll be helping Daddy very soon
The vacuum cleaner

You Dislike:
The scary food processor
Not being allowed to go near the fireplace
 Spending too long in the pram
Getting dressed

We love you oh so much!

Much Love

Monday, 19 May 2014

These Days..

These days it might be Autumn, but my days lately have been filled with vibrant colour and all kinds of loveliness.

I've been styling & photographing beautiful things & enjoying this little blogging spot by the fireplace.

I've been picking fresh oranges straight from the tree for morning tea & experimenting with my own homemade laundry liquid (using this recipe).

I've been playing in the garden in my new gumboots & loving the amazing local produce at the Farmers Markets. 

These days, it's really feeling like we are home.  There's exciting things happening each day and life right now is pretty wonderful.

Much Love

Saturday, 17 May 2014


"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Tallow: Totally fascinated by the camera.. and the remote, computer and Ipad. Every day there's something new to discover.

 Joining Jodi's beautiful 52 project
 Much Love

Friday, 16 May 2014

Finding My Balance..

Since Tallow's birth, I've been slowly working to reconnect with my body and mind. The first time I rolled out my yoga mat in those early newborn months, I walked away feeling totally disconnected, as if I was in someone else's body.  And it scared me. For the first time in my life, I felt like I didn't understand my body and was full of sadness and frustration that I wasn't the same person, that something had changed within me.  Later that day as I wrote down my thoughts and searched for inspiration, I stumbled upon Kirsten Hedges' gorgeous website and resonated so deeply with her thoughts on yoga, mindfulness and looking within to feel what was really going on.  So from that day I made a promise to myself, to be more mindful, to connect and honour myself and the journey I'd been through, to nourish my soul and find my way back to me.

Every day things get a little easier, as I remind myself to find the joy, embrace the moment and redefine what I think life should 'look like'. But still each day, I find myself still struggling to find balance between my role as a mother and my passion for my creative work.  And I always hope tomorrow will be different, that I might find a happy medium, only to wind up at the end of the day feeling the same result, like I'm falling behind somewhere.

I spent my precious 20 minutes on the yoga mat last night, bathed in the embracing glow of the full moon and felt a little magic in the air.  I tried my first Warrior III pose in my new mama body (a little shaky, but finding my centre) and as I did I listened to Elena Brower's blissful and life changing words, "Be so grateful for any moment of balance". And just like something within me shifted.

For in yoga and in life, balance is something that we are constantly searching for.  And it is finding it with mindfulness and gratitude,  rather than always needing to attain a perfect end result, that is truly important. So as I write my to do list today, I do so knowing that any moment of balance I find is a truly precious one.   And while I many not accomplish ever task on the list (some mundane and others fabulous lofty dreams) and I may not get to the second load of washing or feel I've been patient enough while Tallow explores her new world,  I am so grateful for the opportunity to wake up each morning and give it a red hot go. 

Much Love

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Everyday Ethical Style - Well Worn Boots..

Dress: Renee Loves Frances Cardigan: Thrifted
Scarf: Sacred Store (on a yoga retreat) Tights: Tightology
Boots: Vintage  

The scarves are out, the boots have been dusted off and the citrus is ripe and ready to pick.  Autumn is in full swing and while I would normally be hitting the shops on the lookout for pieces for winter, this year I'm more than happy to rethink my wardrobe, working in pieces I've had for years, with thrifted finds, vintage favourites and making the most of staple pieces.   

I found this vintage boots on Brunswick Street in 2011 and have worn them every year since.  And each year they get softer, more lovely and have more stories to tell.  I often wonder about the adventures they had before I found them, where they travelled to, the conversations they overheard.  These humble, well worn boots remind me that clothing is so much more than what we pull out of the wardrobe, it is an intimate encounter with the fabric of our lives.  And it's pieces that are made with love and care, bought from people passionate about what they do and who they work with, that come together to create outfits and memories that can't be bought or found in any chain store.

Much Love

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

May Seven Vignettes..

With Miss Tallow crawling and starting to pull herself up on the furniture, I decided to keep things really simple this month with my vignettes, using the mantelpiece as my backdrop (up nice and high and away from excited little hands) and a plain white jug to tie the series together.  I gathered leaves and feathers from the neighbourhood and included vintage ephemera I've been collecting over the years, along with antique bottles, found under our old cottage.  Here are my May vignettes..  

Day 1 - White. Inspired by texture & feathered friends.

Day 2 -Hidden. Inspired by fossicked treasures found hidden in old suitcases, rusty tin boxes & deep underground.

Day 3 - Escape. Inspired by today's magical Autumn hues - crafting by the fireplace was the perfect escape from the chilly weather.
Day 4 - Treasures. Inspired by the beautiful treasures Mother Nature shares.
Day 5 - Home. Inspired by collected treasures & memories from our home and our home away from home, our beloved caravan.

Day 6 - Sunshine. Inspired by my favourite colour, sunshine yellow, the happiest colour around.
Day 7 - Autumn. Inspired by the beautiful sepia tones of Autumn.. The fallen leaves remind me of old book pages & postcards from yesteryear.

This month I loved working with the same layout each day, playing with various colours, proportions and layers.  Autumn is always such a lovely time of year to capture in vignettes, there's so much to work with and so many colours to enjoy.  From rich scarlet hues to dappled sepia tones, the possibilities seem endless. 

To find out more about the wonderful seven vignettes community, pop over to Interiors Addict and be sure to check out the #sevenvignettes hashtag on Instagram.

Much Love

Monday, 12 May 2014

Everyday Moments..

The fireplace - full of little vignettes, collected treasures and the occasional  stray cup of tea..
My first handmade Mother's Day card & herb garden bouquet..
Mother's Day breakfast - Spicy baked eggs.. 
One of my favourite nooks of the house - it never stays like this for very long..
Catching up on my motifs from last week..
An abundance of scarves hanging in the hallway, means winter is definitely on its way..

Much Love

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Sunday, 11 May 2014


"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Tallow: Collecting oranges with my little garden fairy..
(And on Mother's Day this portrait is so very special..  I know our angel Cohen is with us too). 

 Joining Jodi's beautiful 52 project
 Much Love

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Making & Doing..

'A (sometimes) weekly document of little thoughts that dance around my head at 3am.'

May seems like the month of change, a time to prepare for winter, make changes and take action. It's this kind of shake up that always gets me motivated and as the days get shorter and colder a nudge in the right direction is a wonderful thing. I'm continuing aiming for a 20 min yoga practice each day and while some days I wish I could stretch the time further, it's just enough to refocus, become grounded and release the day. 

I was also thinking about doing a more regular meditation practice throughout May and funnily enough Kate was thinking the same thing. I love her idea of crochet meditation and while it's not completely letting go of all your thoughts, it's most certainly a lovely way to still yourself, even just for 10 mins. So I gathered my cotton yarn together in a little bag, along with a favourite hook and sat it by the fireplace, to remind myself to take a moment in the evening to take stock and create a little motif. I'm putting them all together at the end of the month to create a garland for Tallow. 

Yesterday I had my first half day away from Miss Tallow while I worked on a magazine photo shoot. It's been really exciting to get back into some freelance writing and styling and was a surreal experience to jump in the car and drive over the river (out of town) all alone.  I turned the radio up, put the window down and totally immersed myself in the beauty of the vineyards, citrus trees and autumn leaves.  It was amazing to get creative and a joy to be doing what I love, but I must say coming home was the most wonderful feeling and sitting on the floor reading 'That's not my Fairy' and cuddling my girl was the best bit of the day.    

I had one of those romancing the everyday moments the other morning when I made myself a piece of fresh homemade bread with home made organic berry chia jam (from this recipe) for breakfast. I didn't realise how something so simple could be so satisfying, but to know that I had put my heart and hands into everything on that plate, really was the nicest feeling. And I'll definitely be making the chia jam again.

I'm totally in love with our new kitchen.  I've never had so much bench space and such lovely big windows and I really would happily spend my whole day in there pottering around trying crazy recipes I find on Pinterest.  I also have a jar obsession, so this week I'm working on a plan to fashion a little bench top shelf to store them on.

Speaking of the weekend, I've decided to make this officially Mother's Weekend! I've claimed it and can't wait to work on some DIY projects, go out for breakfast and visit the hardware store (yes indeed, these days it's even more fun than the craft store).

I recently participated in The Creative Exchange, hosted by the lovely Dunne with Style. I had so much fun inst-stalking my recipient, the very talented Lauren and putting a creative package together for her. You can see (and read about) what I put together here.

I loved Gaby's sincere blog post and have been feeling like this lately too and Pia's blog post was so beautiful, raw and honest, it reminded me of what blogging is all about.  I miss the old blogging days and I know there is a whole post in this that I want to write, but for now I just have to put it out there. 

I can't wait for the release of this book, I'd love to go to one of these fabulous workshops and just adore these custom portraits.

I'm eyeing off this lovely kitchenware, looking forward to trying this yummy Loving Earth yogic banana bread recipe (such an inspiring site) and really want to try this lemon curd recipe

I'd love to set up a little road side shop like this one, I'm day dreaming about a little pair of chickens and making a cute chicken coop like this one and this looks like a fun way to spend a crafty afternoon.  

Have a most beautiful weekend! 
What are your Mother's Day plans?

Much Love

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Autumn is..

Autumn is for..

Afternoon wandering and leaf collecting (cute basket essential)..
Spicy pumpkin soup..
Realising you need to hurry up and crochet a pair of slippers quick smart..
Baking zucchini brownies..
Planting garlic, peas, beans and rainbow chard..
Dusting off your favourite denim jacket and finding five dollars in the pocket..
Adding fairy lights around the living room..
Spiced pear candles..
Making your own chai (just the way you like it)..
Reading a classic novel..
Sunday morning pancakes..
Crowns of foraged leaves..
A new favourite jumper..
Making coconut oil your new best friend..
Brewing endless pots of tea..
Savouring every moment..


Inspired by Autumn's beautiful hues and gentle nourishing Winter days, we've introduced six new designs to our Wilde Asher Wanderlust collection.  They are available in our online store now..

Much Love

PS. I'll be announcing the winner of the Fabrik Giveaway tomorrow night, so be sure to pop over and enter for your chance to win a $100 gift voucher to spend in the beautiful Fabrik online store. 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Everyday Moments..

 Rainbow motifs - Joining in for A Motif a Day - Meditation in May..
A little vignette celebrating home..
I added a little rosemary to our spelt loaf this week.. 
Our oranges changing colour each day..
Decorating with Autumn leaves..
Afternoon sun on the garden - glorious after a few cold rainy days..

Much Love

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Sunday, 4 May 2014


"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Tallow: Places to go and mischief to make!

 Joining Jodi's beautiful 52 project
 Much Love